TimeVizor time tracking usage scheme

Are you an employer?

  • Control all accessible employees

    Employee control and computer usage time monitoring

    Collect data on your employees' activity and simplify the whole process of managing work time. Get to know how to monitor Internet usage and start managing your employees effectively!

  • Collect and analyze statistics

    Collection and analysis of employee work control statistics

    The employee-tracking program tracks all data on your employees' activity and uploads it to the cloud where you can access the data at any time.

  • Optimize employees usage

    Work employees usage optimization with TimeVizor

    Increase your team work productivity by means of reasonable personnel control and increase their motivation, as the employee activity monitor brings you the most reliable information.

Are you an employee?

  • Safety of collaborating with any employer

    Safe work with any employer with TimeVizor

    The data collected by our work time tracker allows you to tightly control the work process and protects you from fraudulent activity.

  • Comfort of communication and collaboration

    Comfortable communication and collaboration in the TimeVizor application

    Increase your work productivity by sharing quick and straightforward messages via the system with your employer and other team members.

  • Maximize efficiency and productivity

    Efficiency and productivity with work time tracking software

    See how to monitor Internet usage, analyze your work productivity, reveal negative impact in various ways. Improving your professional skills will give you a pay rise.

How can I get started?

  • Create user account in TimeVizor system
    Step 1
    Open account
    Sign up for TimeVizor online work time tracking tool. Start a free 15-day trial, no obligations.
  • Install work time tracking system agent
    Step 2
    Install agent
    Download and install our monitoring agent on computer(s) to be monitored.
  • Set up work time tracking system TimeVizor
    Step 3
    Set up
    Adjust monitoring and notification settings to tailor your TimeVizor experience to your needs. You are ready to go!