Best work time monitoring tools for manager

Even with the highest level of trust in a company, sometimes it’s hard to track all processes and availability of each employee during his or her work time. Experienced project managers keep in mind the “student rule”: an employee always starts working on a project at the deadline. That’s why the activity monitoring is so vital when it comes to assigning tasks to employees in a team. There are software solutions that help cope with monitoring problems by recording time worked, tracking activities, and even making desktop screenshots.

Best control tools for a manager

In the case of freelancers, various freelance markets are of great help – they guarantee clients that each hour worked is an hour paid.

Some of these markets offer a free activity tracker that counts the time each contractor has worked. It is a special software that tracks every action of a freelancer during his or her work time while the client pays only for the time worked.

This functionality is also offered by special employee tracker software for project managers. Such solutions are adjusted to the needs of employers and, even more, sensitive to employees’ activity. Some trackers monitor visited websites; others make web camera shots, count mouse movements, and keystrokes. In this article, we’d like to help employers find a software they need.

Upwork – freelance site plus a bonus app

Upwork, one of the largest global marketplaces of freelance talent, not only helps in finding remote workers, but also features an online employee monitoring software to track them effectively.

The main features of the Upwork solution:

  • 100% free for both the client and the contractor.
  • The app cannot be used outside the system; it is fully synchronized with your online account. In other words, a freelancer can count the time only for the projects he’s hired on Upwork. The client pays only for the tracked time based on the fee agreed in the Upwork contract.
  • Upwork withholds a 10% commission which is a serious hit on both the freelancer’s compensation and the client’s budget and in particular for a startup.
  • The time tracking is not very precise; the numbers may get rounded up. All this seriously complicates expenses planning for an employer.

TimeVizor – a solution for everyone

Unlike a freelance market, the TimeVizor system won’t help you find either freelancers or clients. You just download an app, create a project, and start tracking. Some of the TimeVizor features:

  • Accurate time tracking without any rounding, so you pay only for the actual time worked.
  • You don’t pay any percentage-based commissions. You pay only once for the tracking type you need, add resources to your project, and work as you prefer. The commission is fixed and not connected to the time worked. It becomes much easier to plan your budget!
  • Full control of employees by screenshots, webcam shots, and report sheets.
  • Only you decide how and when to pay your people. The system does not claim any percent of your contracts.
  • A convenient reporting system lets you see all activities of your resources. You can vary tracking modes depending on the level of trust.
  • A freelancer is not required to register in the system, he or she can use TimeVizor even without any account. All you need is just install the app and launch it each time you start working.

Getharvest – easy monitoring

It is one of the very few developers who decided to simplify things for their clients seriously.

Some of Getharvest advantages are a relatively affordable price plan, simplicity, and usability of its app. Some points to note:

  • Unlike some of the competition, Getharvest doesn’t monitor remote personnel. In fact, their employment and time usage are left for them to take care of while the app simply helps the worker organize his or her work day.
  • Getharvest helps workers in self-organizing while the employer has to rely on their honesty.
  • The system helps with invoicing and getting paid via global payment systems like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Getharvest easily converts currencies in your billings.
  • This system is probably more skewed towards self-control for employees rather than tracking time for managers.

Yaware – modern monitoring system

Another “all inclusive” type system. Webcam shots, desktop screenshots, and even full history of visited websites at the end of the day – what else would you ever need? Some of the best features are:

  • Yaware offers handy PDF and Excel reports which are very helpful for HR managers and directors alike.
  • The system is convenient for large enterprises and does not require additional workforce; all data is categorized and provided in a ready-to-use form. All the manager has to do is just look at the reports and assess the workforce effectiveness.
  • Yaware supports mobile applications and is a breeze to use.

This system is perhaps too intricate for small companies. Not every startup needs a daily email report; most just need a sleek and handy remote computer monitoring software.

Among the remote monitoring systems we’ve reviewed, each has its pros and cons. The final choice depends on your goals. For example, Upwork would be the best option for searching for talent and short-time projects. Large enterprises with vast workforces would find Yaware a perfect solution. But the best option for a small project with a fixed workforce is TimeVizor. This system makes screenshots and webcam shots; tracks work time and resource activity. Which is important, it has affordable pricing and allows to plan expenses in advance.