Software for remote monitoring

Any business owner wants his business to be efficient. The effectiveness of all work processes is the key to success. But it is something easier said than done, and as a CEO or CIO, you have perhaps spent countless hours trying to find ways to increase the productivity of your employees and processes. And wasting funds is unacceptable.

Why and how to control employees?

To monitor your employees time usage efficiently and to have them motivated, you need proper control. It is especially vital in a startup setting where founders often try to save on expensive employee monitoring solutions.

Another problem is workplace distractions. Unfortunately, cat videos, social networks, messengers and the like can kill your team productivity faster than anything. While modern technology can certainly boost productivity in almost all industries, it can also be the greatest time wasting device. According to a CareerBuilder study, 44% of the employers surveyed said that the biggest distractions came from using the Internet for non-work related purposes.

So how to monitor employee Internet usage efficiently and yet friendly? While we certainly want to trust our team, an extra time controlling means is never a bad idea. But asking questions outright has little effect, and human supervising is too time-consuming and negatively affects the workers’ morale: no one wants to work when a Big Brother stands behind your back.

What companies need is a more subtle, more employee-friendly, less intrusive, yet effective employee Internet monitoring solution. You don’t even have to penalize your employees for abusing The Internet or wasting time: the mere awareness of the fact that they are watched will motivate them to work with a greater focus.

Employee monitoring solutions

All these problems are the reason why various employee monitoring software solutions have been gaining so much traction. A properly deployed employee monitoring system enables the business owner or supervisor to know precisely how much time each employee worked, and this information is registered continually on a real-time basis.

Moreover, supervisors can know exactly how and what the employees did with the help of having desktop screenshots (and even web camera shots if needed) taken in real-time and stored in a convenient and easy to read the online log. These logs are accessible via any browser giving the possibility to monitor everything remotely, even on the go.

Those looking for the best employee monitoring software on the Internet will find that TimeVizor is a good solution for both small and large businesses. It is a robust employee monitoring software with free options for budget-conscious startups and advanced pricing plans for those who need powerful features.

TimeVizor installs into the operating system and works in the background in the most unobtrusive way possible, relieving employees from stress and motivating them to work effectively. On the other hand, it gives supervisors all the necessary information about what’s going on in their team.