TimeVizor time tracking: difference between In-house and Cloud solutions

TimeVizor offers a powerful set of tools for remote employee monitoring and time tracking. Recently these tools became even more flexible as now our clients can work either in the cloud or locally. Let’s see which TimeVizor solution better fits your needs. And to do this, we’ll consider a couple of examples.

Bob is a millennial Internet entrepreneur who owns a hot startup with a few in-house and remote employees. Bob is often on the road, but he needs to make sure that his team is busy. He wants to see screenshots from their workplaces, get notified about projects’ progress, and know the time spent on tasks. What he doesn’t want is caring about technical subtleties of collecting and storing all these screenshots and notifications. He’s not a fan of server configurations, disk quotas, and other things that won’t help him in his venture.

Mr. Roberts is a CIO at a bank. He supervises 60 employees – developers, system administrators, designers, including teleworkers, – and he needs to control them all. Like Bob, he needs to view screenshots, control work time, and know that the time paid is the time worked. However, a bank is bank, it has strict data security policies. Any piece of information is confidential, it should be stored in-house rather than in any fashionable clouds, and should be accessed only by the banks’ IT personnel.

What TimeVizor version does Bob need? Evidently, it’s the Cloud version. All the data – screenshots, notifications, messages, etc. – will be gathered in a centralized manner in Bob’s account on our website, TimeVizor.com. He will access it from any browser, even on the phone, and instantly get a full picture of what’s going on in the team. Maximum convenience, minimum fuss!

Meanwhile, Mr. Roberts desperately needs the In-house version of TimeVizor. His bank specialists will obtain a copy of the whole site and other software, deploy it on their servers, and configure everything according to the bank’s security policies. All the data will be hosted on corporate servers exclusively where it will be accessed only by authorized personnel.

So, choose the cloud (SAAS) solution if you don’t want to be tied to your own hardware and its countless settings. If, however, your operations require that you have complete control over your data, we offer an autonomous in-house solution for deploying on premises.

Still unclear what kind of TimeVizor experience you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are eager to help you choose the right solution.