How workplace affects employee productivity

It’s impossible to overestimate the role that your workspace plays in how well you perform at work. It’s difficult to achieve any goals in a mess that you don’t control. Studies show a direct relationship between your workplace and your productivity, and not just on the functional side, but on the esthetic one as well: we all like to work in a pleasant place appealing to the eye. And even if you use a modern work time-tracking solution like TimeVizor, it will be of little help if your work is chaotic.

So in this article we’ll discuss a few simple, yet very workable things you could do to de-clutter your workplace.

Hint 1: Find a place for each item

Every item, every element of your office space should have its home, some place where it belongs to. Put it there all the time when you tidy up, and ideally it should always be there. This will help you find it when you need.

Hint 2: Take away everything you don’t need

Remove, archive, or shred everything you don’t use or need for a significant period of time. Look around and think how often you use everything you see. Non-used items distract you, create information noise, and simply gather dust. By removing them, you will instantly notice that you get much more focused.

Hint 3: Plan your working environment

Take a strategic approach to your workplace. Plan it around your daily routine and priorities in your work. Which tasks you do regularly, and which only occasionally? This should be reflected in the way your workplace is organized.

Hint 4: Create a document workflow

If you work with paper document heavily, set up a document system around three trays or folders: inbox, progress, and complete. Upon receiving a document, put in the first tray; after you start working on it, move it to the second one; completed documents go to the last tray.

Hint 5: Create work zones

Decide what tasks are done and where, and set up functional zones for different tasks. This is especially useful if you run a larger workplace such as an office. These zones could be a coffee/rest corner, a non-PC area, or a brainstorming room.

Hint 6: Make your workplace pleasant

There are few things as helpful to boost productivity as the esthetically appealing work environment. If our work gives us positive emotions, we are more motivated. So make everything around you pleasing to the eye. Wipe off dust, put a favorite photo or some knickknacks on your desk, replace old pens or notebooks with new and shining ones, buy a nice mouse mat, etc.

Though time control is very important, not less important is what this time is aimed at. So spend it wisely!