How a startup can save on freelancers with TimeVizor

Creating a successful Internet startup has never been an easy task. The percentage of projects that achieved maturity is far less than 50%. This is why optimizing all expenses, including salaries, is the key to success. Imagine an Internet entrepreneur that we’ll call Peter. He has an interesting idea and some financing, and now he’s about to form his team. Like many before him, Peter found a good freelance marketplace, hired good talent, and was happy. The work gets done; the team gets paid, Peter can control expenses with the help of special monitoring software. But eventually, Peter started worrying that a popular freelance market withholds a large percent for its services. He realized that he just can’t afford such expenses though the market is good. The solution to this problem is the key element of our business case.

Disadvantages of freelance markets for startups

As seen in the Peter’s case, when we talk about time tracking software, we usually mean freelance markets. They are most widely known for providing such kind of service, but they get a significant commission based on the percentage of the employees’ pay. The more you pay your team, the higher this commission, while the software works as before. Many popular platforms do so.

This problem is especially acute for startups that have to save on virtually everything. When a relatively simple software gets hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, you can’t help but think: is it worth the effort? Isn’t there some catch? You can shift the commission to your workers, but it will make your startup less attractive to them.

TimeVizor: lean alternative to freelance markets

Peter decided to try TimeVizor, an independent software solution for employee control, time tracking, and analyzing time usage effectiveness. This solution features two main advantages:

  1. It is not tied to any freelance market.
  2. It does not get percentage commission based on workers pay.

TimeVizor boasts flexible, but fixed-rate pricing plans: you pay once and use it regardless of how much work your people do. You can try the program for free during a 14-day trial period.

Even under the most affordable plans, TimeVizor features powerful online time tracking tools that can be deployed both for a single freelancer and large teams across multiple projects. The time is tracked on a minute-by-minute basis and is not rounded up under vague schemes. You can set up desktop screenshots capture and even webcam shots if needed. Since the program works imperceptibly in the background, your workers are not distracted and can focus on their work. All the information is uploaded online and accessible via any browser. TimeVizor allows employers to set easily up unobtrusive workforce monitoring and time usage analysis without breaking the bank.