Remote control in a trip with TimeVizor

Do you plan a business trip and fear that your employees will start to lose time in social networks? If you do, you are not alone. Internet distractions and other non-work-related activities are indeed a huge hit on productivity even under normal circumstances. When an office is left without the manager, the problem is bigger than ever.

What you need to face this challenge is a remote, web-based employee monitoring software. And don’t fear to alienate or offend your team: a reasonable measure of unobtrusive control is never a bad thing, everyone will understand it. Moreover, it can significantly boost your team’s focus and motivation.

How to control personnel remotely?

You can’t put an overseer behind each worker: that’s too expensive and plainly doesn’t work. Fortunately, there are specialized web-based employee monitoring/tracking software that does the same much more effectively. Here are just a few advantages of TimeVizor, one of such solutions from a Russian namesake company:

Full automation: The program tracks and logs all the time an employee has worked, makes screenshots of his or her computer desktop, and uploads every bit of data into your personal online account in an easy-to-read view.

Flexible settings: Every tracking parameter can be adjusted to your needs.

Remote access: All information is accessible from any part of the globe via a simple web browser.

Unobtrusiveness: The app doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t demand to work, it operates very stealthily in the background.

Employee tracking software

There are multiple programs allowing you to track the time each employee works, make screenshots, and even do web camera shots. Some of them cost money, but TimeVizor has very attractive free and low-cost options. It can be implemented in any office or organization, and even with a single freelancer.

Your contractor just installs TimeVizor and works as usual, while you can always open your project(s) web page and see what exactly he or she did and for how long. The program can also make web camera shots and track all active apps.

With TimeVizor, wherever you go, you are always at the helm. You can always interfere and correct everything in your organization, as well as analyze the effectiveness of your personnel. By the way, the same applies when you are in the office, and your workers are out of it. The 21st century is the age of the mobile workforce, so get fully equipped for it!