Best TimeVizor plan to choose

In the previous article, we discussed how an imaginary Internet entrepreneur Peter came to a conclusion that TimeVizor was a more effective time tracking software than its counterparts offered by freelance markets. Peter doesn’t print money and doesn’t want to pay extra for these markets’ commissions which tend to boost infinitely due to increased amount of work.

Choosing a plan for a small business

TimeVizor is a remote computer monitoring system that can also track time and capture screenshots and web camera shots. Startups will especially benefit from TimeVizor’s fixed-rate pricing model: whatever your people do, you pay the same. All the pricing plans are fixed, but which one to choose?

Talking about startups, a good solution is the entry-level Point plan. It has all the necessary functionality for lean teams and nothing more. Here are the main features of it:

  • Up to 5 agents (computers or employees).
  • Only 1 project.
  • “Employee monitoring” mode.
  • 7 days of data storage.

Point plan advantages

This plan is especially handy for lean teams with few (up to 5) people that work on the same project and doesn't need a sophisticated online employee monitoring software. As we know from experience, startups often start with this type of teams where two or three people work under the supervision of the founder and perhaps one manager. Since it’s the most affordable TimeVizor plan, Peter won’t overpay for the features he won’t use yet.

You can start working with TimeVizor with a free trial version and then move to the Point plan. If your team and goals grow, you can always switch to a more advanced plan. You can check and compare all TimeVizor plans here.