Start in TimeVizor for employee

You have come to TimeVizor for active work. The profile type Employee means that you will perform tasks and get paid for it. The full transparency of all your activity confirms your integrity and high professional level. With our help, you will have an opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously, connect with your customers, and consistently show high efficiency.

So you have registered as Employee, what's next? This profile is more passive, but much more demanding. TimeVizor reports show screenshots of your computer desktop and the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes. You do not have to fear this supervision, just work as you always do without changing anything or trying to fit into some scheme. This will give your employer the opportunity to make the informed decision of whether you work effectively or not.

Main start stages for Employee

  1. The Employee starts with downloading the TimeVizor application. From now on, strict time-tracking begins which guarantees you payment for the work done. Don't be afraid of program reports – they describe your work much better than any words.
  2. Now go to the site profile titled "My TimeVizor". At the top of the page you will see the tab "Account" with the "Notifications" section. Here all the notifications and work invitations are listed. To see only your work invitations, go to the tab "Work" and click the "Invitations" button. You will see a spreadsheet with all the invitations to new projects. In the last column, there is a button "Actions", clicking on which you can "Accept" it or "Reject".
  3. Upon successful TimeVizor installation on your computer, be sure to run it to start working. Run the application every time you work to track your activities against the parameters set by your employer.
  4. In the same account secton named "Work" go to the "Projects" section. Here are all your current projects are shown, actually everything you work with. To start a new job, select a particular project and press "Start" in the TimeVizor application. Now all your activity will be logged. To stop time tracking, just click the "Stop" button in the app. Tracking time and sending reports will be terminated.

The Employee does not have to do anything else. All the work is delivered to your Employer as agreed. The Employer assesses staff efficiency on his own using the TimeVizor analytics tools.