Start in TimeVizor for employer

While signing up you have chosen the Employer profile. You want to monitor all the activity of your computer(s) and/or analyze the efficiency of your employees. What do you need to start?

Main steps to start work for Employer

Before you start, look through your account very carefully. Go to "My TimeVizor" and look at the Dashboard.

  1. Here you can see various sections with various elements. In the "Account" section you can see the "Settings" where all your contacts, files and reports are stored. All your activity may be analyzed at a glance in the account division.
  2. Secondly, look at the "Projects" section which is perhaps the most interesting for every employer. Here is where you launch new projects.
  3. To start a new project click on the "Settings" button. You will see "Projects" where you can create new tasks for employees or approve new computer for analysis. Press the "Create" button and set the name for your new project. Confirm this action, and your project will appear in the spreadsheet.
  4. In the left pane, you will see the item "Resources". Here you need to create a resource for the project, meaning that you will recruit staff. We call “resources” both computers and employees to monitor. Click on the "Create" button and set the name for the new resource. The confirmation page will appear. Here you will see the resource name, type and profile. The resource type is a choice between Employees and Computers. You have an opportunity to set up surveillance of a particular computer which already has the TimeVizor app installed. The program will send you reports so that you can analyze the resource efficiency. For employees, you can see screenshots and time-tracking records. This data will let you know how the work time was spent. A resource profile means that you can create multiple levels of activity checks and vary it for each new resource. For example, those employees who are trustworthy usually exhibit the lowest level of inspection, while newcomers may require enhanced checking. Make your selections and click on the "Create" button.
  5. Return to the "Resources". Now you can see your new resource in the spreadsheet. In the last column you will see the "Actions" button, clicking on which lets you choose what to do with this resource. Here you can change, delete, or terminate the resource.

After these manipulations are done, you can expect that your employee accepted the license and started working in your project. Computer monitoring can be set automatically, immediately after the launch. You will see everything at the desktop. This program lets you view activity reports for all your resources on the TimeVizor dashboard.

In the "Reports" tab "Projects" you can see a full analytics list: reports, screenshots, and full overview of your employees activity. We wish you good luck in running your projects!