Manage and monitor remote employees via TimeVizor

Winning over competition is perhaps the most important goal in any kind of business. This is not just about products and marketing, but about business practices as well, and this includes your hiring methods.

Traditionally, businesses have recruited their talent locally. But what will you do if best talent lives elsewhere? Or there are similar, but more affordable human resources?

Both aforementioned scenarios explain why more companies worldwide attract teleworkers and freelancers. Between 2016 and 2017, according to Forbes, Fortune 500 companies increased work sourcing from freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour. This trend has been growing each day. Geographical workforce diversification is a major competitive edge.

If your company has little experience in workforce outsourcing, the first thing you should do is embrace the “remote-first approach.” Says Stephane Kasriel, former PayPal executive who now leads Upwork: “Don’t just tolerate remote team members as add-ons… Assume that everyone is or may be remote at any time. Subtle shifts of expectations can help a lot there.”

If you are used to work in office with the whole team, you may find it challenging to adapt, but a growing number of available tools will allow you to make the shift painlessly. Consider Trello or Asana for remote project management, Slack can be your first stop for easy communication online, Zendesk is an industry-standard cloud support solution, while TimeVizor is a powerful employee time-tracking tool.

After you have chosen the toolset, now remember: communication, communication, and once again communication. That simple! Talk to your freelancers, explain them your requirements and expectations, discuss tasks and deadlines. Make sure each and every team member understands what is expected of them. And don’t forget that skilled freelancers can have experience you don’t have, so treat them as experts and consult with them.

So, workforce outsourcing can give your business a new breath and momentum you wanted. But it’s up to you how the workflow is organized. Follow our blog to stay updated on all developments of the world of freelancing and productivity!