Project online monitoring for freelancers

Sometimes it seems that everyone around wants to be a freelancer. A real revolution has changed the labor market in many countries. For example, according to Fast Company data, 54% of Americans have done some remote work in 2015. That’s indeed very convenient: working from home, you don’t waste time and money on commuting, you can have a free schedule, etc.

But while it works well for some (and there are many real pros in this field), others tend to think it’s not for them. Freelancing does have some challenges, both objective and personal though some of them can be solved pretty easily. Here we’ll tackle one of such theoretical problems: employee time tracking.

Time tracking: stumbling block for freelancers and their clients

A potential client or employer may not realize how much time his or her order would take and hence offers a lower rate than the contractor expects. As a result of this problem, either the freelancer will get underpaid, or the client himself will get a low-quality work. It may be difficult for a remote employee to prove that the job took this much time while employers tend to disbelieve freelancers suspecting them in fraud and overstating the time needed to get the job done.

On the other hand, the contractor is indeed able to cheat on his client by overstating his time, and later has no ways to verify that. This issue is especially challenging for those freelancers who get paid for the time worked: system administrators, forum moderators, idea generators, very creative workers, etc.

Employee tracking software

This seemingly dead-end situation when parties disbelief and can’t check each other is easily solved by special software like TimeVizor. It is a unique system facilitating honest, transparent, and completely verifiable tracking of the time a freelancer has taken for the job. He installs and launches a program which works like a chronometer by counting the time spent for each session.

But this is far from everything TimeVizor does. It makes screenshots of the freelancer’s desktop with time intervals and logs all the programs he’s running. It’s possible to set even up making web camera shots to make sure the employee is at work. All this data is uploaded to the client’s account online in real time; this is a genuine web-based employee monitoring tracking software. The client can always see everything his contractor has done from anywhere, anytime. The freelancer is paid only according to the TimeVizor logs as agreed by both parties. All the tracking parameters may be flexibly adjusted, each task having its project inside the app.

TimeVizor is a “win-win” solution for both sides, it mitigates all the trust issues and solves the problem of the effectiveness analysis. The freelancer gets hard facts to prove that he was working rather than dining, playing solitaire, or watching funny cats photos. The employer, in his turn, gets a powerful tool to control and analyze his or her personnel. TimeVizor makes freelancing as transparent, verifiable, and measurable as the office work, and this is a compelling argument for many companies to shift to this model.