Quick start with time tracking service TimeVizor

Remote employee monitoring system is advantageous both for employer and employee. We may find many of such systems on the World wide web, but some of them seem to be very complicated, other - too simple. In its turn, TimeVizor system provides a user with employee activity control and lets employer analyze working efficiency of his resources.

Main roles and functionality in TimeVizor

Well, the main roles determined by the functions. When you choose the role while sign up, think about your further activity. You may also change the role, or to be an employer and an employee in different projects. TimeVizor account will let you change the role anytime.

So, the main roles in TimeVizor are:

  • Employee - with this role you may see your working reports, but couldn't create projects;
  • An employer can create projects, invite employees to the work and see all their activity in reports.

After you set a role, you may start working. You will get an access to your account and may to see all your resources’ activity.

Start working with employee monitoring system

Your next step depends on the role you chose. Employees need to add a license for work in their projects while an employer needs to create projects and resource profiles to define monitoring level.

An employee needs to download and install the time tracking app, downgrade a license into it. Note, that you need to check twice the app version - it should be compatible with your computer. Wizard will ask you to install the license, pass this step and finish the setup. A welcome window will ask you to download a license again, and you just need to put a path to the file you received from your employer. Start time tracking every time you work.

An employer’s work in TimeVizor system set as follows:

After you bought a plan, you need to create a project. Find a “Projects” chapter in your Account and create a new project. To do this go to the "Settings" chapter and push “Create” button. Fill in all needed fields.

The next step - resource profile creation. This feature will help you to define a level of control. You may follow the wizard instructions or just push “Create” button and fill in all needed fields. Don’t forget to put your employee's e-mail.

Now you need to wait till your employee will install an app and download a license to your project. Every time he will start time tracking you will see all his activity in reports.

Remote employee monitoring system simplifies the collaboration between the main parts of working process. You may also see our Documentation and get more information in Step-by-step instructions. See our FAQ or contact the Support Team if you won’t find an answer to your questions. Good luck and welcome - we will make your work easier!