Welcome to work time tracking system TimeVizor

How to earn money and not to loose time? This question affects many people. We will try to explain that it is really possible! Your work will be easier with our help!

First of all, you should decide why you started on the project. Maybe you want to watch your computer activity or get to know the work of your employee(s) better? Or maybe you are an employee yourself and you want to track time needed to work on the project? TimeVizor allows any user to be an Employer or an Employee depending on his or her activities.


It all begins with the new user appearance. On the TimeVizor home page you will see a big button "Sign up". Click on it and follow the instructions. All the steps are simple except for the selection of your role in TimeVizor. You can be an Employer, meaning that you can manage your own projects and assemble your work team. Our special software will enable you to analyze your resources’ activity. It will send you reports about computer activity and/or employee efficiency.

Alternatively, you can choose to be an Employee to get guaranteed payment thanks to TimeVizor time-tracking application. You just need to download a program and accept an invitation to work.

New users can choose the language and currency. After all the fields are filled, you will receive our confirmation e-mail. Just click on the link inside, and you are registered!

All further activity will fully depend on the role you have chosen. Besides, there is an ability to be both the Employer and Employee. You can work on projects, track your time, lead your own projects, and check their activity on your computer or analyze your employees’ efficiency. Our program will be very helpful in every company hierarchy. Happy working with TimeVizor!