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  • Technical_director

    Nikita Levchuk, Chief Technical Officer

    Nikita Levchuk has an outstanding experience in the software development field and works in TimeVizor Team since 2012. As TimeVizor CTO he knows all features and updates and can share useful information.
  • Editor_in_chief_of_the_blog_timevizor

    Darya Shatokhina, editor-in-chief of the blog

    Darya Shatokhina is the content marketing manager at TimeVizor and the editor-in-chief of the TimeVizor blog. She has a big working experience as marketing specialist in big international company. She may tell how the common user may succeed with TimeVizor system.
  • Anton_chivchalov_timevizor

    Anton Chivchalov, editor of the blog

    Anton Chivchalov is in charge of writing and editing texts for the TimeVizor site and related projects. Journalist, blogger, translator, editor with many years of experience in newspapers, news websites, translation and advertising agencies, and freelance platforms.
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