Two work modes

January 14, 2017

We constantly strive to improve our service and help our users achieve more with it, working flexibly and efficiently. So we’re happy to introduce a new TimeTracker work scheme with two modes.

The first mode is called worklog, and it builds on our existing model. An employee or freelancer installs the program, activates the license, selects the project to work on, and starts working. He or she can start/stop monitoring, add manual time, write comments in projects. This mode is best for freelancers and/or teleworkers who work relatively independently.

The second mode – “monitoring” – is more covert and does not involve any interaction between the employer and TimeTracker. The employer or administrator himself installs the app on the worker’s computer, and the only way to deactivate it is turning off the computer. The user can’t add licenses, view work reports, or leave comments. TimeTracker can show its icon in the system tray, but this can also be reverted, and then the user can never know about the app installed. This mode is better for on-site staff.

At the same time, we’ve renamed the module UserAgent into EmployeeAgent, and SessionAgent into ComputerAgent (monitoring of all users of the same computer, now under development). When we previously said “resource,” we now say “employee” or “computer.” We hope that this streamlined terminology will make your experience clearer, which means more efficiently. By the way, the navigation on the site and your back office is also simpler now. Come and see yourself!

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