The main TimeVizor 0.6 updates

February 25, 2016

TimeVizor team is happy to announce recent updates. We are trying to keep up to date and looking for new ways to make our system more comfort and easy. We aimed to simplify your collaboration and increase your efficiency.

We increased the full operation speed of the system, removed and fixed some bugs. In the new version, we had added new functions and increased already existed. And of course, we are still ready for the dialog and trying to do our best for your comfort.

The main updates in version 0.6

  • The most obvious change - our new design. We improved TimeVizor usability; our site is modern and graphic. Simplicity and easiness are not only inside the system - it is already seen with half an eye!
  • One of the most important innovations - now we got the Wizard to create a project. The employer in TimeVizor system is ready to create his first project after signup - he doesn’t need to look through our Wiki. Just follow the instructions and you will make it!
  • Did you see remote employee control systems with bad security? Anybody may have access to your files with the direct link. In TimeVizor system, you will not find any of this. We had increased the security level, the system of access was fully modified. You may be sure that your data is safe in our system. None of your projects is reachable for the third parties.
  • There is one more update in our time tracking app. The TimeVizor system won’t track the time when an employee was inactive, and his computer slept. Sleeping time won’t go to the reports, and both employee and employer will definitely like it!
  • Payment issues improved. You don’t need to exchange your money to buy a plan - we will forward you to PayPal, and the payment system will do everything automatically.

All these changes are already on the site. Go to the and check it out! We are doing our best to make your work easier. Don’t forget to contact us with your testimonials and propositions. Make your life better with TimeVizor remote employee monitoring system.

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