Lead engineer on his experience with TimeVizor

January 09, 2014

Sergey Korneev, Lead engineer. Majoron

As staffs and IT departments grow, management duties grow accordingly. At some point, any modern executive faces the necessity of monitoring employees and computers in the organization, but without losing peace of mind and focus on important tasks. And naturally, it should be done at the lowest cost possible.

The TimeVizor service allows exactly this. As Majoron Lead Engineer, I faced the necessity of monitoring my work resources. You can simply launch your projects and view logs of computer activity and employee time usage. TimeVizor reports provide all the necessary information.

So what does the service offer you? Employee and computer monitoring with a special TimeVizor application. You can set up reporting parameters, adjust monitoring level, capture screenshots, configure trust level for resources.

What does the service lack yet? You can’t seek new contractors, pay your existing ones, or remotely control your computer. But in general, TimeVizor provides invaluable help in monitoring your labor resources. It will become much easier to carry out your routine duties without distraction!

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