TimeVizor FAQ

On this page, you can find the most common questions about our remote monitoring software from our users.

If your issue persists after reading through this list, please check the Service and About Us sections. If you still don't have the information you need, please look through our Documentation and/or refer to the Support section to contact our team.


Q. What is TimeVizor?

TimeVizor is a time-tracking service created to optimize business processes and increase productivity of each employee. TimeVizor automatically tracks time spent on work projects. The system allows to evaluate each employee productivity and perform analysis if needed. TimeVizor lets you to work not only with in-house employees, but with remote freelancers as well.

Q. How can I get a TimeVizor account?

To get an account in the Web-based employee monitoring software, you only need to sign up.

Q. How can I restore my login/password?

To restore your password, go to the Sign In page and use our "Restore password" and "Resend activation letter" services. During the account creation, pay attention to your login as it cannot be restored.

Q. Do I need to install any client application?

An employee needs to install our client application in order to work with TimeVizor. This will allow us to process data in our data storage. The employer, on the other hand, doesn't need to install anything.

Q. How will the application work if I get disconnected from the Internet?

In the case of losing an Internet connection, our employee monitoring software will keep working even despite it is Web-based. It will save all the data locally on the employee's computer hard drive. After your connection is recovered, the application automatically uploads cached data to our storage where it is available to employers. Note: If your computer is rebooted before uploading the data, its authenticity will be lost and the data will be marked as 'Not trusted'.

Q. Why do I see unreadable symbols?

Please check your program settings to display reports properly. The code page at the settings panel and the current language of non-Unicode applications in your computer settings should be the same. For example, if the employee uses "English" in TimeVizor, he or she should set this language in the computer settings as well.

Q. Does the app overload system resources?

No. None of the program modules affect your computer’s performance. Your CPU load will be around 1–3%.


Q. Is it profitable for employers to use TimeVizor?

TimeVizor is a mutually beneficial remote computer activity monitoring system of interaction between employer and employee. Being an effective manager, the employer needs to organize the working process. Only the intelligent use of both the employer’s and employee’s time can bring success to the business. This is why TimeVizor allows you to:

  • Synchronize working processes across different departments and boost the effectiveness of their interaction (you may easily browse all working activity inside your team and quickly see all the tasks being done).
  • Coordinate remote contractors’ activity (use online reports to browse their activity).
  • Create individual work plans for all employees.
  • Control time usage for both employee and employer.
  • Distribute tasks among employees in accordance with their abilities and efficiency (checking their reports and easily seeing whether to increase or decrease work loads on individual employees).
  • Assess every change in the company operations (activity reports show how organizational changes affect business performance).
  • Safeguard against financial fraud and failure on the part of employees to perform their duties.
  • Monitor computer activity on the 24/7 basis.
  • Monitor employee Internet usage.
  • Work with your partners.

Q. How will I control my employees?

Employee control is performed via the following methods:

  • Screen shots.
  • Webcam shots.
  • Logging employees’ time usage while working with applications and sites (the employer sees all apps and sites opened by employees).
  • Forming reports for employers with time filters and other parameters.
  • Non-stop computer activity monitoring.

Q. How can TimeVizor protect me from employee fraud?

TimeVizor protects you by means of providing you with complete information on employee activity. This information cannot be falsified as data tracking is based on cryptographically strong algorithms. If the work logic fails to provide full security for the employer, reports acquire the ‘Untrusted’ status and the employer can decide on the validity of the information on his/her own.

Q. How can I know what my employee is doing at the moment?

To browse the latest activity of your employee, go to his/her work diary online and check the screen shots captured by the application.

Q. How can I invite someone to work?

To invite someone to join your "Resources" you need to send them a license, for example via e-mail.

Q. How can I create a new project?

To create a new project, go to "My TimeVizor", enter "Projects" and then "Settings". Here you can see "Projects" with the "Create" button.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the number of resources?

Your employees (or computers) may be active or inactive. You can have any amount of inactive employees, but the number of active ones is restricted to the number of licenses purchased. You can view all the restrictions on the page "Service" – "Prices".

Q. How can I remove an employee from my Resources?

To remove an employee from your team, you need to go to your "Resources", select the employee in the list, press the "Actions" button, and click "Delete". At the end of the week, after the reports are formed, information on this employee will disappear from the "Resources".

Q. Where can I view my employee's statistics?

Your employee's statistics is available on the Reports page.

Q. How can pay for using the TimeVizor service?

You can pay for using TimeVizor via PayPal or Visa/MasterCard credit card.

Q. Why cannot I create a resource?

The amount of resources is restricted to the amount of agents in your plan.

Q. How are agents arranged across different projects under my plan?

You can use your licenses on any of your projects as convenient to you.

Q. How can I top up my Balance?

Your balance is deposited on the confirmation from your payment system. Your funds can be transferred from your Reserve back to your Balance if your plan is changed or cancelled. Payment for the services already rendered will be withheld .

Q. How are the funds reserved in the TimeVizor system?

If your Balance is positive, the system reserves money after the purchase confirmation. In the case of insufficient funds, the user is redirected to the payment system deposit Balance.

Q. How can I send a message to my employee?

To chat with one of your employees, he or she should be a registered TimeVizor user and have a license added on the Projects tab. Otherwise you won’t be able to chat with each other. TimeVizor strongly recommends all users to sign up in the system. This is easy, yet it greatly simplifies the whole experience. Apart from messaging, your employees will be able to view their own activity, and you may inform them on these benefits of signing up.

Q. Can I monitor several monitors connected to a single remote computer?

TimeVizor supports multi-monitor handling allowing you to view the activity on several monitors connected to a single computer.

Q. Can I browse my remote tracking reports if the employee's machine is off?

Yes you can. All information collected by the application is saved on our server and available to the employer online at any time. You don't depend on your employees’ schedule in any way.

Q. Is it possible to work with TimeVizor in the stealth mode?

TimeVizor offers two work modes: remote employees monitoring and remote computers monitoring. In order to monitor remote employees, they have to run the application on their own first. However, the second mode allows to track any and all activity on remote machine(s) saving it to your reports completely stealthily, without revealing the tracking process anyhow.

Q. Can I allow my employee to add work time manually to their reports?

Yes, you just need to open your account and enable the possibility to add manual time in your resource profile settings.

Q. Can my employee stop the EmployeeAgent application while monitoring?

An employee starts the monitoring in TimeVizor on his or her own. Otherwise the application won't start at all and no data will be reported. Certainly, the monitoring process halts only after the employee stops it by himself. However, if you are monitoring remote computer activity, the application can be stopped only by the machine administrator. No user can stop the app without the administrator rights.

Q. Why am I not receiving reports after I installed the agent application?

Please log out from your account and log in again or restart your computer.

Q. How do I add or change my license in EmployeeAgent under Monitoring Mode without re-installing program?

You need to obtain a new license and put it in the following folder after removing all the previous licenses from it:

  • Windows:
  • Linux/Mac:
    <HOME_DIR>/TimeVizor/TimeTracker/licenses (where HOME_DIR is your home folder)


Q. Is it profitable for employees to use TimeVizor?

TimeVizor is a mutually beneficial system of interaction between the employer and employee. For an employee long-term relationships, protection from employer's fraud actions and project time tracking are very important. Thanks to its elaborated structure, TimeVizor satisfies all these requirements. It can:

  • Work with multiple employers simultaneously
  • Evaluate your productivity
  • Demonstrate your serious work attitude and willingness to continuously improve your skills to your employer
  • Protect you from employer fraud
  • Assess non-stop computer activity monitoring

Q. How will my employer control me?

Our employee monitoring system records several types of employee-related data:

  • Screenshots
  • Webcam snapshots
  • Time spent in various applications (your employer will see a list of all applications and sites you have visited while working)
  • Time periods and other parameters in reports

Q. How will TimeVizor protect me from your employer’s fraudulent activity?

TimeVizor protects you by providing proofs of the work done. In the case of employer fraud you will be able to prove your point and demand satisfaction.

Q. How can I join my employer's project?

The TimeVizor service does not provide job seeking opportunities. Rather, it is focused on providing comfortable interaction between employers and their employees. To join a project resource, you need to obtain a license from your employer.

Q. How can I withdraw money from the system?

The TimeVizor time-management software does not handle any money transactions and/or exchanges of funds between employers and employees. At the end of each week, the service only provides reports on the work time spent. In other words, you never have to withdraw money from TimeVizor.

Q. How can I leave a project?

At the moment, to leave the project you need to remove yourself from the "Resources". A notification will be sent to your employer, and your work on the project will end.

Q. How can I send a message to my employer?

To send a message to your employer, you need to be a registered TimeVizor user and have a work license added to the list of your projects. To do this, just go to your account and select the tab Job – Settings – Projects. Press on the “Add a project” button and submit your license into the form below.

Q. How do I add a project?

If you need to add a new project, you need to obtain a license from your employer first. Add this license to the list of your projects. Sign up and enter your Account. Find the Job section and choose Settings. Press the “Add project” button and enter the license into the form. Save all changes.

Q. Why is the webcam always turned on when working with the app?

Some computer models like Samsung launch a certain application (CyberLink YouCam) every time you need to use the camera. This app doesn't quit even after EmployeeAgent finishes working with your webcam. It creates a false appearance that the camera is on.

Q. Why can’t I start the app though it used to work fine?

Your app version is likely to be outdated. Please try to download the latest version. You will find all versions on the Applications page. Don't forget to remove files with logs and settings prior to the installation of a new version.

Q. Can I add manual time to the project?

Yes, you may add time manually in TimeVizor. It is done in your account. You just need to request this option from your employer through the TimeVizor site messaging system.

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