TimeVizor glossary

If you encounter a new or unknown term on our service, refer to this glossary. We have endeavoured to gather here all the words that may seem uncommon or incomprehensible.


Agent, a unit (computer or user) that interacts with a Web resource.

Auto-tracked time

Auto-tracked time, a period of time that was automatically tracked by the application. It is considered a working time.


Balance, funds received from the payment system after a work plan purchase confirmation. If the service was not rendered or was rendered improperly, funds will be returned from the Reserve to the Balance.


Employee, a user invited by the Employer to work on a project. An Employee can be a registered user of the TimeVizor system or a new user invited by the Employer. Both registered and unregistered users can work on a particular project. However, registered employees can view their work reports and change them if necessary.


Employer, a user that has a pack that allows him or her to create projects, invite employees, check activity on computers, and access statistical data about resources.


Memo, a feature allowing you to inform your Employer about your activities when logging time. It should be brief, preferably one phrase describing the task.

Multi-monitor handling

Multi-monitor handling, remote monitoring of several monitors (displays) connected to the same computer.

Reporting period

Reporting period, 30 calendar days during which the service is to be rendered.


Reserve, an amount of money for paying for the Service not yet written off from the user's Balance. These funds get reserved after the confirmation of the plan purchase or prolongation and before the payment provided the Balance is positive. The funds are written off at the end of the reporting period. In case of the system default, the funds are refunded back to the Balance less the payment for the already rendered service.


Screenshot, an image of an employee's computer desktop on all monitors captured during the work process to provide proofs of his or her activity.


Session, a single continuous work period. It starts at the launch of the tracking and ends when the tracking is stopped. The application collects all the required data during this period.


Snapshot, a webcam shot performed by the camera installed on the employee's computer. The snapshot is used for the same purpose as a screenshot.

Terms of use

Terms of use, a set of rules provided on this page. It is mandatory for all TimeVizor users.


Timelog, statistical data on the Employer's working activity including screenshots and snapshots. It can be reviewed by the Employer in statistics.

Untrusted data

If during the work process the TimeVizor system starts saving data on the hard drive due to lack of resources or is suddenly rebooted, all the data collected by the application within this period will be considered untrusted and marked with a corresponding status. This helps us protect you from fraud related to falsifying data. The Employer shall decide in his or her own whether to trust such data.

Work statistics

Data on Resources' work time; data on applications used, evaluation of employees' or computer activity. It can be reviewed by the user and sorted by various criteria.

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