Remote Employee Monitoring

Many companies require reliable freelancer monitoring to effectively manage remote employees. Now you don't have to install and set up complicated on-site software. Employees install only a small, simple app that can work in the discrete mode without distractions. Windows, Linux, Mac, and CentOS are supported with a handy install wizard. This remote employee monitoring client is installed automatically within seconds, just choose your OS, and then communicates with our cloud service. That's why the employer works online via any browser and is not required to install anything!

Set up your remote workers monitoring according to your preferences. How often desktop screenshots should be taken? Is it necessary to shoot employees with a webcam, and/or count mouse movements and key presses, and/or log open apps and websites? All parameters can be set up individually for each employee on the settings page. You can create pre-defined sets of settings and save them in profiles. For long-time employees, decrease the frequency of screenshot capture, while new workers may require webcam shots. It's only up to you how remote employee control will work.

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