Service Overview

Timevizor services

TimeVizor is the leading personnel monitoring software designed for optimizing workflows and simplifying interaction between employers and employees, as well as monitoring computer activity. All this is done remotely, from anywhere in the world, using just a browser. TimeVizor enables you to:

  • Always track your projects' progress.
  • Be protected from fraud thanks to effective time management.
  • Remotely monitor employees, computers, financial and time employees.

With TimeVizor, you can monitor computer activity remotely and measure the actual impact of your freelance workers? Now it's easy! The service will give you the full picture of what is happening in your team and what can be improved.

Start using our best in class employee time-tracking software, and you will instantly see the results. Study detailed reports with all activity of your employees logged and stored online for your convenience. Zero in on mistakes and non-working time of your freelancers and other employees to take necessary measures if needed. You won't struggle with numerous settings, everything about TimeVizor is very intuitive and straightforward. Most importantly, TimeVizor provides numerous benefits to both the employer and employee by streamlining their interaction.

As an Employer, you:

  • Browse reports of all your employees' activities.
  • Analyze work time on all projects.
  • Monitor work progress via desktop screenshots and webcam snapshots.
  • Prevent improper use of computers.
  • Easily interact with both on-site and remote workers.
  • Be protected from employee fraud.
  • Are known as a reputable and innovative employer.

Are you ready to try it out?

If you want to leverage all the benefits of TimeVizor, just do the three easy steps:

  1. Create your account in TimeVizor.
  2. Create a license for your employees and/or computers.
  3. Ask your employees to install the application client on their machines and add their license to it.
Employee control and computer usage time monitoring

Why not install our leading monitoring software right now? TimeVizor is your best friend in office productivity. It gives you such detailed reports about your team work that you've never thought possible. As an employee, you'll have hard proofs of your integrity that your employer won't be able to ignore. TimeVizor enables easy interaction with your employer and allows to focus on your tasks rather than irrelevant things.

As an Employee, you:

  • Monitor the impact of your actions and analyze your work time.
  • Are protected from employer fraud thanks to powerful reporting.
  • Track your work time even when offline.
  • Build long-term and trusted relationships.
  • Boost your career by powerful tools for personal time management.

Are you ready to try it out?

If you want to leverage all the benefits of TimeVizor, just do the three easy steps:

  1. Create your account in TimeVizor (only for those users who want to view reports).
  2. Install the license you received.
  3. Start project monitoring.

That’s all! Now the service will start tracking time and logging data online. You will have full access to all the logs with detailed look at what's happening. You can even make analytical researches based on collected data. Use our best PC monitoring software and increase your overall productivity in no time. TimeVizor is your perfect business companion!

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