Online monitoring system features

TimeVizor employee monitoring system features

Reaching business goals requires a right set of tools for monitoring, motivation, and control. The TimeVizor online monitoring software provides exactly such tools to analyze your work employees efficiency.

Time tracking

Count time spent by individual employees within a specific period or on a specific project. Our app counts time down to minutes, and computer sleep mode is exluded. You get detailed reports on each employee with the start and end time of their work.

Desktop screenshots

TimeTracker application automatically captures desktop screenshots at a set frequency which are shown in timesheet reports. You instantly see what each employee was doing.

Webcam snapshots

Shots taken from employee’s webcam augment screenshots so that you always know whether the employee was at his or her desk. This option can be enabled or disabled at will (upon agreement with the employee).

Apps and URL tracking

Performance and time tracking is incomplete unless you know which sites and apps were used on employee machines. You can partly see them on screenshots, but a separate Apps and URL report is much more complete and informative.

Online timesheets

Wherever you go, just open any browser and view complete details on the work time of your employees. No software needed – work in a regular browser.

Advanced reporting

Collect different reports in a single customized view: total project time, reports per employee, daily and weekly reports, etc.

Manual time

If your employee or freelancer worked away from office/home or just forgot to start the timer, he or she can add a corresponding time period manually in his profile upon agreement with the employer.


Get notified about all messages, important events, new projects and applications via the website and e-mail.

TimeVizor is created for simplifying interaction between employees and employers, boosting time use effectiveness, monitoring employees’ computers, and assessing employee performance.

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