Webcam Snapshots

If your employee has a webcam installed on his or her computer, you can set up the capture of their faces. It's possible in the still mode only: due to privacy and resource-saving reasons, video capture is not supported. Shots are taken from all cameras installed in the system simultaneously.

Webcam footage during employee monitoring is optional. The employer can enable or disable it in the employee's license. It's highly recommended to obtain the employee's permission first.

Webcam snapshots are captured at the same time with desktop capture and with the same frequency. For example, if screenshots are taken each 10 minutes, the snapshots are taken each 10 minutes as well. You can disable webcam footage, but leave screenshot capture, or conversely. This is done in the tracking profile settings.

Webcam capture is a good way to determine whether an employee worked on their computer. For example, this way you can guarantee that employees don't cheat by imitating key presses with any devices.

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