Time Tracking

Computer and work time control

TimeVizor is a perfect tool for work time tracking on employees' computers, both on-site and remote.

A client employee monitoring software EmployeeAgent "talks" to the TimeVizor server in the cloud or your own server and submits recorded data: user work time and keyboard/mouse activity.

Employee tracking features:

  • Computer sleep time is discarded in reports. Only actual work time is taken into account.
  • If the user logs out from the system, depending on the mode:
    • In Monitoring mode: EmployeeAgent will be closed and launched again on user log in.
    • In Worklog mode: EmployeeAgent will be closed, and the user will be able to launch again if needed on logging in (the user controls the app on their own).
  • If another user logs into the system, the TimeVizor server discards this time from the records.
  • If the user does not do a single keyboard press within 10 minutes, these 10 minutes are discarded from the records.
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