Development and Roadmap

Our team is young, and we don't like to sit idle. To continue ongoing development, we decided to schedule a roadmap with sub-categories.


  • Application usage tracking.
  • Website time tracking.
  • Instant messaging between team members.
  • Working behind a proxy, NTLM authorization.


  • System of bonuses and referrals.
  • Comparative analysis of employees' productivity.
  • E-mail notifications of employees' critical actions (logging in Skype or Facebook, etc.).

We always welcome your feedback, so if you have anything to add to the list above – we're looking forward to your suggestions!

Feel free to participate in our polls to provide feedback on what is important for you.

The TimeVizor employee-monitoring system is brand new and being rapidly developed. You can contribute to the development by reporting any typos or technical glitches on the website or the service. We'll do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

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