TimeVizor data safety and security policy

TimeVizor data safety and security policy

Data transfer and information storage are a big part of the workflow. Many in the IT industry wonder if it's safe enough to keep important data in cloud systems, how safe it is to use Internet monitoring software to collect data on employees' work and even capture their screenshots?

The TimeVizor service offers an exceptionally secure data storage solution. You may be sure that secret passwords and codes will not be intercepted by any third parties. Whether you use TimeVizor for employee or computer monitoring, all the logged data is safely protected.

The TimeVizor team goes to great lengths to ensure the most comfortable environment for their clients, including end-to-end security. Here are just a few key factors regarding the TimeVizor's security policy:

Secure protocols

All the data between work employees and online time-tracking software is transferred via secure protocols.

Regular updates

The entire underlying infrastructure regularly checks for updates and security patches and installs them instantly as they are available. If necessary, other measures are taken immediately. Anti-malware software is integrated deeply into the workflow for maximum security, it identifies malicious content on our servers in no time.

Anti-malware protection

Don't worry about your servers anymore, you are safe with TimeVizor. All the data you download from our e-mails and applications is thoroughly checked for malware, and the whole database gets updates on a regular basis.


The screenshot anonymization feature allows to completely obscure all passwords, codes, and other sensitive data logged by the application. When enabled, images get fully depersonalized and nobody, including TimeVizor staff, can read them and understand what work was carried out.


Another privacy-related technology called scrambling ensures random data anonymization and depersonalization so that no third party and developers themselves have technical means to retreive any users' personal or work data. This feature is available only in the employer's account.

Free yourself from any hassles and worries of monitoring your workers and ensure that you get only the high-quality work. Focus on your objectives and leave data collection and monitoring to our leading tracking software! TimeVizor is a modern, robust, and secure solution you can rely on.

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