Employee monitoring software use cases

The multi-purpose time-tracking system TimeVizor can be effectively used for remote monitoring of employees and their work time. This is a powerful way to monitor in-house personnel and freelancers, tracking progress on projects, and analyzing overall work effectiveness.

TimeVizor time-tracking use cases for employers

All data on employees’ work is available to employers in their personal account online (in the cloud or local server depending on the chosen work model) and viewable from any browser.

The Employer can view the following detailed data for each Employee depending on the settings:

  • Desktop screenshots
  • Web camera shots
  • List of opened apps
  • List of opened browser tabs
  • Work project statistics

Work Modes

You can choose one of two TimeVizor modes depending on your work conditions and preferences:

  • “Monitoring.” The software is installed by the Employer or system administrator and works in a more passive way: it generates reports, but the user does not interact with it. They cannot delete it, change settings, or view reports. This mode is best for controlling in-house staff.
  • “Worklog.” In this mode, the employee installs the app, downloads the license, and sets all the settings on his or her own. They can register on the site to view their own work reports. This mode is optimal if you want to control freelancers and teleworkers.

TimeVizor is your best assistant in work time tracking and employee monitoring!

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