Work Time Tracking Use Cases

TimeVizor is a multi-purpose work time tracking service allowing you to track your employees and their work time remotely. It allows for convenient employee/freelancer tracking, project tracking, and team performance analysis.

TimeVizor time-tracking use cases for employers

As the Employer, you access all data on your employees in your account (in the cloud or in-house server depending on the distribution) using any browser.

Depending on the settings, the Employer can view on each employee:

  • Desktop screenshots
  • Webcam shots
  • Launched applications
  • Opened browser tabs
  • Work violations
  • Work project statistics

Employee Tracking

The most common TimeVizor use case is employee tracking. This is done by means of the client app EmployeeAgent which can track both on-site and remote workers (freelancers).

On-site and remote jobs may differ, so the app can work in two modes depending on the installation type:

  • Monitoring. The Employer or system administrator sets up the software on their own, and it works in a rather passive way: it generates reports without much interaction on the part of the user. The user can delete it, change its settings, or check their own work reports. The Employer can even enable a hidden mode, and employees will not be aware of the app’s work. The Monitoring mode is a good option to control on-site and/or office personnel.
  • Worklog. This mode requires employees to install the app on their own. They can sign up on the website and view their own work reports. Since the Employee controls how the app works, this mode has higher user interaction and is more suitable for freelancers, teleworkers, off-site employees, and in any case when the Employer has no direct access to employees’ computers.

Computer Tracking

TimeTracker can monitor computer work parameters like CPU/memory usage, system resources, etc. This feature is under development, but we plan to release it soon.

Parental Control

The app will enable parental control over children's Internet use. You will be able to limit your kids' Internet time, watch their activities on websites via detailed reports, create blacklists of sites, etc.

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