Parental Control Software

Parental control software types, TimeVizor applications and usage

Our children spend more and more time with their gadgets, from desktops to tablets to smartphones. Though these devices may help them communicate and learn, the adults may have legitimate concerns. Some parents and grandparents struggle to limit gadget time for their kids, while others, more tech-savvy ones, already know the best way to do it even remotely.

Technological advancements may improve the quality of life, but not all consequences are welcome. It can be really difficult for a child to limit his or her screen time when so many colorful, addictive games are around or so many friends keep posting interesting stuff in social media. This can adversely affect school grades too.

Smart parents know how to control their children’s computer time in a calm and rational way. They can even see which sites or apps they open and how they use a device in general. All this is done by means of special computer tracking software, or parental control software.

There is a great number of such apps to choose from, but use them with care. Not all children are happy with parental control, and unbalanced intrusion into their lives can disrupt their trust.

The most popular parental control tools

  • One of the most popular apps is ChildWebGuardian Pro. It offers impressive functionality like word filters, social media blocklists, and visited pages list.
  • No less popular is Hidetools Parental Control that allows you to fine-tune many parameters of tracking and even make it hidden. You get all reports by e-mail.
  • Kids PC Time Administrator is popular among many parents thanks to its ability to set a schedule of computer usage.
  • Some useful services were not intended as a parental control tool initially. For example, TimeVizor is all about enterprise use. The majority of clients use this software to control their employees. But TimeVizor’s “Monitoring” mode allows to track everything happening on a computer until it’s turned off. Hence, you can set up hidden tracking of your child’s computer use. This is one of the service’s possible use cases, though not a primary one.

Naturally, you should choose a parental control tool after you thoroughly study all the offerings. Don’t forget about your goals and the exact result you want to achieve. All children are different, as well as circumstances and parents’ preferences.

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