Work time tracking - worklog mode

Work time control is something no employer wants to neglect. What is worse than leaking work time and company budgets? When employees are left on their own, it may negatively affect their performance. Certainly, nobody would want to become a new Big Brother, but reasonable employee monitoring is essential.

TimeVizor is a work time tracking service allowing you to work in to modes depending on your needs: 'monitoring' and 'worklog.' The former is more passive, while the latter gives more control into the hands of the employee. For example, employees can install and delete the application, launch and stop time tracking, make notes for the employer, etc.

The worklog mode is optimal for freelancers and teleworkers whose work places can't be accessed by the employer directly. Since the employer or system administrator can't install and control the app, this is done by the employee. They are free to manage their work time, so they can start and stop the tracking, adjust program settings, etc. All the employer needs to do is check work reports that employees generate.

Get 15 days of free trial in TimeVizor right now to assess its capabilities. If you choose the worklog mode, you need to generate the license for your employee to start working. This is done with a single click right in the Employer's account.

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