Creating Employee and Generating License

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In your account, create your employee to track his or her work. Go to the page Settings → Employees, click the button Create, and fill in required fields in the form. Here are tips on some of the fields.

Creating a new employee

  • Work mode. This is an important field where you should choose one of the two work modes with TimeVizor. Choose Worklog if your employees will launch and stop the application themselves when working on your projects (optimal for freelancers and teleworkers). Choose Monitoring if you want to control employees all the time their computers are on, and they should not start and stop monitoring themselves (optimal for in-house workers).

  • Project/department. Choose a default project or department. If needed, you can create new projects and departments.

  • Name. Enter the employee’s name to identify him or her in all reports and emails.

  • Profile. Choose the employee monitoring profile containing information on the monitoring level (screenshots, camera shots, etc.). You can leave the default profile or create a new one.

  • Active. Check the box if you want the server to register monitoring data from this employee. Otherwise the monitoring will not work!

After you create an active employee, a license will be automatically generated for him or her.

A license is a .gz file containing all information on the employee’s control mode. The license limits data transfer between the app and the server to the data that you specified for each employee.

A generated license in a .gz file should be loaded into the app TimeTracker your employee uses. In the Monitoring mode this can be done by the employer or system administrator, while in the Worklog mode your employee can do it on their own.

On the page Settings → Employees, click Actions against the employee you want to edit, and from the drop-down menu select either Save license (on your computer) or Send license (it will be sent at the employee’s e-mail if specified).

Saving the license

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