Employee Work Control

You can find helpful learning videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, you can always submit a support ticket or give us a phone call from our Contacts page.

The app is installed, and you can start working! If you have previously chosen the Monitoring mode on the employee creation step, the app will automatically start after the installation finishes to begin registering and transmitting employee work data.

However, in case you chose the worklog mode, your employee has to manually launch the app EmployeeAgent (TimeTracker) he or she has installed on the previous step to start working. Then your employee must chose the project, right-click on it and choose Start tracking. After the work ends, the employee should choose Stop tracking.

You control your employees in your account on the site using the tabs Worklog and Monitoring. All work reports from your employees are stored here.

Viewing reports

TimeVizor has a wealth of options to control your employees that are not covered in this quick quide. To learn all the features and tune-ups please read the full documentation.

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