TimeVizor Quick Start Guide

You can find helpful learning videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, you can always submit a support ticket or give us a phone call from our Contacts page.

1. Quick Start For Employer

Welcome to TimeVizor! This service will boost your team work effectiveness due to employee monitoring and work time control. The following easy guidelines will help you quickly familiarize with the system and start working. If you are Employee rather than Employer, please go to 'Start for Employee in Worklog Mode' article.

1.1. Signing Up and Activating Trial

To start, you need to activate your 15-day trial. Click Free Trial on the main page. Fill the required fields in the form that opens, they are marked with the asterisk (*). Click on Start free trial and wait for the activation email to come at the e-mail address you specified.

Sign up with TimeVizor

Note! If you do not find the email in your Inbox, please check the spam folder.

After you receive the e-mail, click the link inside to access your account on timevizor.com.

1.2. Creating Employee and Generating License

In your account, create your employee to track his or her work. Go to the page Settings → Employees, click the button Create, and fill in required fields in the form. Here are tips on some of the fields.

Creating a new employee

  • Work mode. This is an important field where you should choose one of the two work modes with TimeVizor. Choose Worklog if your employees will launch and stop the application themselves when working on your projects (optimal for freelancers and teleworkers). Choose Monitoring if you want to control employees all the time their computers are on, and they should not start and stop monitoring themselves (optimal for in-house workers).

  • Project/department. Choose a default project or department. If needed, you can create new projects and departments.

  • Name. Enter the employee’s name to identify him or her in all reports and emails.

  • Profile. Choose the employee monitoring profile containing information on the monitoring level (screenshots, camera shots, etc.). You can leave the default profile or create a new one.

  • Active. Check the box if you want the server to register monitoring data from this employee. Otherwise the monitoring will not work!

After you create an active employee, a license will be automatically generated for him or her.

A license is a .gz file containing all information on the employee’s control mode. The license limits data transfer between the app and the server to the data that you specified for each employee.

A generated license in a .gz file should be loaded into the app TimeTracker your employee uses. In the Monitoring mode this can be done by the employer or system administrator, while in the Worklog mode your employee can do it on their own.

On the page Settings → Employees, click Actions against the employee you want to edit, and from the drop-down menu select either Save license (on your computer) or Send license (it will be sent at the employee’s e-mail if specified).

Saving the license

1.3. Installing TimeTracker on Employee's Computer

For your employee to start work, his or her computer should have the app EmployeeAgent (TimeTracker) installed. It will register and send data to the server. Download the latest version and follow the wizard directions.

Note! When installing the app, you will be offered to download the license. Please download the license that you received on the previous step.

1.4. Employee Work Control

The app is installed, and you can start working! If you have previously chosen the Monitoring mode on the employee creation step, the app will automatically start after the installation finishes to begin registering and transmitting employee work data.

However, in case you chose the worklog mode, your employee has to manually launch the app EmployeeAgent (TimeTracker) he or she has installed on the previous step to start working. Then your employee must chose the project, right-click on it and choose Start tracking. After the work ends, the employee should choose Stop tracking.

You control your employees in your account on the site using the tabs Worklog and Monitoring. All work reports from your employees are stored here.

Viewing reports

TimeVizor has a wealth of options to control your employees that are not covered in this quick quide. To learn all the features and tune-ups please read the full documentation.

2. Start for Employee in Worklog Mode

If you have been invited to join a project under TimeVizor management, you need to install on your computer the software EmployeeAgent (TimeTracker). Please download and install the latest version following the wizard’s instructions.

Note! During installation you will be offered to download a license. This is a .gz file containing information on the tracking mode. Please download the license you have received from your employer along with the invitation to work.

Now every time you start working, launch EmployeeAgent, choose your project in the main window, and right-click on Start tracking. When the work over, click Stop tracking or just close the program.

Tracking work time

If you want to see the data on your own work (the same data your employer sees), you may (but not obliged to) sign up on the website timevizor.com. When registering, choose the role “Employee,” fill in the required fields, click Register, and wait for the activation e-mail.

Note! If you do not find the email in your Inbox, please check the spam folder.

Upon receiving the e-mail message, click on the link inside. You are now in your account on TimeVizor. Open the tab Work and download the license generated for you. Now you can see all the reports on your work that your employer sees.

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