Application installation to monitor remote employee

You can find helpful learning videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, you can always submit a support ticket or give us a phone call from our Contacts page.

After you will start an installation, you will see Installation Wizard questions. Choose a language and press “Next” button. License download step you should pass. After installation is complete, set options and finish it.

Run your EmployeeAgent application by double click on the icon. Greeting wizard will ask you to download a license for work. You need to receive your license from employer. Only thanks to this file your employer will receive proper operations reports about your work. So, you may download a license file now, or do it later through program interface. Go to “Tools” inset of your application and choose “Settings” division. Here you will see “License” chapter and press “Add” button. Point out license file path and confirm an action. Note, that you may download a license only for five projects.

You won't need any registration or user name and password to put in while running an app. All information is located in your license file.

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