TimeTracker 0.5 Documentation

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1. Purpose of the time tracking app

TimeTracker application is designed for comfort remote monitoring of working resources. Computers and employees working time would be available in reports. You don't need any additional settings – just start to track time. An employee needs to press “Start” button for monitoring to begin. In that case an employer will receive operation reports with full information.

Employer may see all resource's activity and analyze its efficiency. In reports he may see screenshots and snapshots, list of all visited sites. Not only working time will be counted, an opportunity to value the quality of work will appear.

2. How to download and install the application

To install TimeTracker application, you need to find it in “Application” list in “Service” inset. You will see here some application types for different computers' configuration.

Choose an appropriate version and download it. You need to have a license file, where all information about project is located. In further, app installation is divided depending on type of monitoring – computer or employee. In this chapter we will tell about both installation types.

2.1. Application installation for remote computer activity monitoring

If you want to monitor remote computer activity, than you need to download a license into application while installation. License is available for employer just after project creation.

While installation a license request will appear. You need to put a file path and finish installation.

Note, that if you install application for employee monitoring, than you need to pass this step. In that case license will be downloaded separately.

After you finish installation, all further work of the computer will be tracked into employer reports. Monitoring will be stopped only after switching off. All activity at said computer will be in operation reports.

2.2. Application installation to monitor remote employee

After you will start an installation, you will see Installation Wizard questions. Choose a language and press “Next” button. License download step you should pass. After installation is complete, set options and finish it.

Run your EmployeeAgent application by double click on the icon. Greeting wizard will ask you to download a license for work. You need to receive your license from employer. Only thanks to this file your employer will receive proper operations reports about your work. So, you may download a license file now, or do it later through program interface. Go to “Tools” inset of your application and choose “Settings” division. Here you will see “License” chapter and press “Add” button. Point out license file path and confirm an action. Note, that you may download a license only for five projects.

You won't need any registration or user name and password to put in while running an app. All information is located in your license file.

3. Remote monitoring software settings

As any application TimeTracker has its own features. In this chapter we will tell about all nuances which may user need while working with the program.

3.1. TimeTracker settings

You may edit installed application for yourself. Language, connection and update settings are available for user. Go to “Tolls” inset and choose “Settings” chapter.

  • Language - you may set comfort interface language. It will make your work easier. English and Russian are available.
  • Network – you may change connection settings. Set connection type: direct, automatically detected proxy or put settings manually.
  • Records – here you may set whether to save all data to the disk.
  • Trace – choose a file or define the type of file to enter monitoring data.
  • Update – set update settings.
  • License – here you will see all the list of downloaded licenses. Here you may add or delete some of them.

3.2. License control

If you are planning to work on different projects and to count time for each one, than you have to download licenses for them. You have already downloaded a license at the start of you work in one project. Now you need to download another license for next working project, and employer will see your work in reports. Go to “Settings” inset in “Tools” chapter in your EmployeeAgent. Choose “License” division and push “Add” button. Set a path to your license file and finish downloading. From this moment you will need to choose a project and a license before start working and time tracking.

Note that you can't delete an active license with ongoing time tracking. Only after you stop the monitoring in the application menu, you may delete the license, which you don't need anymore.

3.3. Time tracking for employee

Employee has two ways to track time: from home window and from system tray. All information about you and your project would be read through the license. So, to start tracking from home window look through the list of your projects and licenses. Make right click on needed project and choose an option “Start tracking”. Don't forget to enter a memo, describing the task you are working on. This feature helps the employer to understand your current activity, as long as screenshots and snapshots do. Now you can work on your project, and when you will need to finish work, just click on project and choose “Stop tracking”.

Second way of time tracking allows you to choose project manually from system tray. Click on EmployeeAgent icon and choose “Projects” division. Here you may choose needed project and start working. When you will need to finish the work, click on “Stop tracking” point in that menu.

3.4. Time tracking for computer

Installation of the application to the remote computer, which you want to monitor, involve a license downloading too. When you download a license, you are start work monitoring in constant way. After you install the app with a license, you don't have to do anything at all. Now every minute of switched on computer you will see in operation reports. For the proper reports representation, you need to check out your computer settings. Coding page language in the application and current language for programs without Unicode should be the same. Meaning that if the employee uses the Russian language, then for proper reports displaying everywhere should be set “Russian” language.

3.5. Web based online monitoring application data

Application working is based on certain data saving to your computer. Every information has its own ways to be saved. So, if you don't choose another, your files would be here:

  1. Application installation type - win32 to win32 and win 64 to win64. All settings and reports about computer activity monitoring would be available here C:/Program Files/TimeVizor/TimeTracker.
    Reports and system settings about employee monitoring would be here C:/Users/Admin/TimeVizor/TimeTracker.
  2. Application installation type win 32 app to win64 PC. All settings and reports about computer activity monitoring would be available here C:/Program Files (x86)/TimeVizor/TimeTracker
    Reports and system settings about employee monitoring would be here C:/Users/Admin/TimeVizor/TimeTracker.

Folders meaning:

  • “cache” – cached files;
  • “craches” - crash and failure reports;
  • “data” - all data collected by the app, if an option “Save on disk” was chosen; or delayed files;
  • “etc” - settings from setting.xml file;
  • “log” - all logs, collected by the application while working.
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