Program Description

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TimeTracker is a client application for tracking work time and correspondent data. TimeTracker allows you to monitor work time, opened apps, screenshots, and webcam shots (depending on the settings). The Employer can view this data in his or her personal account on the site. The app supports multiple projects and employers (clients).

Important! Though the program is dubbed TimeTracker, it is actually installed as EmployeeAgent. This is the name of the module that directly interacts with the employee.

Employers views statistics of their employees by accessing the acccount through any browser. Here is where you manage your projects, employees, and all preferences, and view work statistics. The employee also can (but not obliged to) view their work reports by signing up. However, the registration is voluntary for employees.

TimeTracker is an app for employees only! Employers do not need it. So we assume that this documentation is read by employees.

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