Reporting Bugs

You can find helpful learning videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, you can always submit a support ticket or give us a phone call from our Contacts page.

1) Please describe in detail your actions that resulted in the error and how we can reproduce it. What did you expect, but what was the actual outcome? The more information you provide, the sooner we can solve the issue. Also, please send us logs with background technical data according to the guideline below.

2) Create a temporary folder with the name of the computer or user you want to log, for example JohnPC, and two subfolders inside it: TimeTrackerd and EmployeeAgent.

3) You can get the error during the installation or running of the program. In the former case, you need to obtain logs from both the app and installation wizard. To obtain logs from the installation wizard, run any command-line terminal like cmd or far, and execute the following command in it. The installation wizard will run in the result, and you need to complete the installation process to the end. The following command prompt will let you obtain installation logs:

msiexec /i TimeTracker-Windows7-X64-0.7.43.msi /L*V ".\TimeTracker.log"

The name of the app TimeTracker-Windows7-X64-0.7.43.msi can differ depending on the installed software. Now copy the log file you created (for Windows, it is TimeTracker.log) into the newly-created temporaty folder.

4) In the subfolder EmployeeAgent, copy the four folders (data, etc, licenses, log) found here:

  • For Windows:
  • For Linux:

5) In the subfolder TimeTrackerd, copy the four folders (data, etc, licenses, log) found here:

C:\Program Files\TimeVizor\TimeTracker

6) As a result, you will have the following folder structure:


7) Archive the folder JohnPC and send it to our support team using the channels you have used before. If this is your first support call, please fill out a support ticket form.

8) In case of issues on multiple machines, the following instruction is to be executed for each machine, and files should be sent independently.

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