Professions and Violations

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TimeVizor allows the Employer to get notified in real time when any Employee opens a restricted app or website, whether it is a game, social media or anything else. You will get notified immediately after the violation and in the daily violation summary across all Employees. You can enable or disable both types of notifications in the settings.

To set up notifications, you need to assign a profession to your Employee to describe their activity. You can choose a profession from a predefined list or create one from scratch.

To manage professions, go to EmployerSettingsProfessions. You can create and edit a new profession here. System (default) professions are not editable, but they can be assigned to your employees.

Now edit “links” by defining productive, non-productive, and neutral apps and sites:

  • Productive – The time your Employee worked in the app/site will be displayed as productive. Employer can see how much time employees worked with such apps.
  • Non-productive – Opening this app/site generates a violation report. In essence, these apps are blacklisted.
  • Neutral – This app/site is not considered productive, but it does not generate a violation either.

If the link creation page does not have an app or site you need, you need to create one in the settings: Sites or Applications accordingly. After you have created a new app/site, do not forget to set its status at the Professions page.

Example. We want to prohibit the site for employee Steven. He is a programmer. Open Sites and create the site Now open Professions, choose the profession “Programmer”, add a link with this site by clicking on Add and set it as “Non-productive.” Open Steven’s profile and verify that he is assigned the profession “Programmer”. This is all. Now every time Steven opens Facebook, you will get a violation notification.

For your convenience, there are three predefined professions “Developer,” “Accountant,” and “Designer” with a lot of apps and sites with typical statuses for these professions.

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