Purchasing License

You can find helpful learning videos on our YouTube channel. Of course, you can always submit a support ticket or give us a phone call from our Contacts page.

In order for a license generated for your Employee to work, it should be purchased. To do this, open ServicePricing and click on Buy. If you have not signed up/in on timevizor.com yet, clicking on this button will let you sign up or in, and then you will return to the checkout page. Click Pay on the invoice you receive. You can also view the list of invoices you already paid.

In case of insufficient funds on your balance, you will be redirected to your personal account to finalize the payment. In case of successful payment your funds will be transferred from your e-wallet into your TimeVizor inner balance. If the funds are enough and the license is available for purchase, it is immediately purchased. If any issues arise in the process, your inner balance will get refunded within an hour.

Important! TimeVizor receives payment only via PayPal at the moment. We recommend that you make sure you have a PayPal account with sufficient funds on it.

To change the existing license, to go ServicePricing and click on Buy. Confirm your payment data (inner balance withdrawal amount, amount to pay via payment system, total amount), and you will be able to change the license period and pay on the invoice. The changes come into effect the next day after payment. In case of successful payment you will see a notification about the license update.

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