Service Features

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The main goal of the service is to track work time and analyze its effectiveness. To start working, you need to install the package TimeTracker with the application EmployeeAgent that tracks time. This app works in either of two modes: Worklog or Monitoring. The former allows the Employee to adjust settings and view their own work reports, while the latter is more passive and suggests no interaction between the Employee and the program. The second option also allows for hidden tracking.

The Employer can create work projects and assign employees on them. All employees have their own profiles with individual working and tracking parameters. Each registered user of the system can be Employee, Employer, or both, by choosing their “role” in the system. The role is determined in the registration process, but can be changed later in the settings.

The license is the key notion of how the service works.

What is the license? The license is a .gz file containing all information about the Employee tracking mode. The license is generated by the Employer on the website and facilitates transmission of the data specified by the Employer from the app to the server. The Employer sends the license to employees by e-mail automatically through the website. Having a license is enough for the Employee to start working, and no other actions or registrations are expected from him or her.

For work-tracking purposes, EmployeeAgent captures desktop screenshots and webcam shots, counts mouse clicks, logs input/output operations, browser history and open tabs. The Employer can enable or disable individual tracking options. When combined, these tools give a complete picture of Employees’ activity allowing you to assess their performance and make adjustments if needed.

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