Setting Up Reports

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TimeVizor allows for a flexible adjustment of employees’ work reports. Since all employees have their own tracking levels, only the data you require is viewable to you in the reports. To achieve this, create the Employee profile on the tab with the same name in the project settings section of your personal office. You should also select reports generation parameters such as: weekly work hours limit, Employee name, whether to take webcam shots and desktop screenshots, and work routine logging.

The Employer can create multiple employee profiles with different tracking levels. By adding more employees to your project, you can quickly set a required level by choosing a corresponding profile.

All selected settings in the Employee profile are viewable in the reports. Please check your computer settings to make sure the reports are correctly displayed: the code page language in the application panel should match the current language of the programs not supporting Unicode. If the Employee uses the English language, they should have “English” in both places for correct reports upload.

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