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1. What is TimeVizor?

Precise monitoring of work time is crucial for effective HR and project management. This is exactly why TimeVizor was developed. The website timevizor.com and its accompanying application EmployeeAgent allows an employer or manager to remotely track employees’ actions and count work time spent, both for individual projects and across all projects. On the other hand, employees get a tool for precise counting of their work time, boosting motivation, and getting fair payment for the work done. That is why TimeVizor is so great for the entire team!

2. Service Features

The main goal of the service is to track work time and analyze its effectiveness. To start working, you need to install the package TimeTracker with the application EmployeeAgent that tracks time. This app works in either of two modes: Worklog or Monitoring. The former allows the Employee to adjust settings and view their own work reports, while the latter is more passive and suggests no interaction between the Employee and the program. The second option also allows for hidden tracking.

The Employer can create work projects and assign employees on them. All employees have their own profiles with individual working and tracking parameters. Each registered user of the system can be Employee, Employer, or both, by choosing their “role” in the system. The role is determined in the registration process, but can be changed later in the settings.

The license is the key notion of how the service works.

What is the license? The license is a .gz file containing all information about the Employee tracking mode. The license is generated by the Employer on the website and facilitates transmission of the data specified by the Employer from the app to the server. The Employer sends the license to employees by e-mail automatically through the website. Having a license is enough for the Employee to start working, and no other actions or registrations are expected from him or her.

For work-tracking purposes, EmployeeAgent captures desktop screenshots and webcam shots, counts mouse clicks, logs input/output operations, browser history and open tabs. The Employer can enable or disable individual tracking options. When combined, these tools give a complete picture of Employees’ activity allowing you to assess their performance and make adjustments if needed.

2.1. Activity Tracking

Internet activity tracking means collecting data of website visits and open tabs during work time as registered by the application. The Employer can see the list of all open windows and tabs in the reports online on timevizor.com. Besides, Employee activity is being constantly tracked via screenshots and webcam shots. The Employer adjusts all parameters depending on their requirements for individual employees.

2.2. Reports for Employer

One of the main Employer’s tools for analyzing team performance is work reports system. These reports allow you to view activity of your employees online, their browser history, and screenshots of the jobs progress.

A job report is a set of values for a set period of time. If the Employee uses the work time tracking app correctly, the Employer can assess their actual activity and performance. A complex analysis technology is utilized for generating reports on timevizor.com. Therefore, the user can view information on different levels, from screenshots to list of visited sites and open tabs.

All the work logged by the application is viewable in the reports. To get the most helpful and effective reports, the Employer can adjust them by setting intervals of screenshots capture and enabling or disabling the count of mouse clicks and log of visited sites.

2.3. Quick Navigation on Site

At the top of the home page, you can see a panel with buttons for quick access to main sections of the site. If you have successfully signed in, these buttons are:

  • Messages – Check new incoming messages (from the administrators or other users), if there are any. The list of received messages opens when clicked on.
  • Notifications – Get notified quickly about your work in the system.
  • Help – Get quick access to reference materials and technical support.
  • Language – Choose the language of the site you prefer.
  • Your username – You can see here the username you signed in with. This can be either an alias or an e-mail. Clicking on it gets you straight to other sections of the site: Employer or Employee; Account; Settings; Sign out.

Users not signed in will see only the language selection button, Sign up, and Sign in. These buttons will allow you to sign up on the site or sign in to it using your existing username, respectively.

3. Employer’s User Guide

TimeVizor’s foremost goal is to simplify the work of the project manager and make it more effective. Precise tracking of each employee and their work time allows the manager to know exactly how well job requirements are met, how much time is spent on individual projects, etc.

3.1. Tracking Employees

With TimeVizor, the Employer can not only track the time spent on projects but also see desktop screenshots, launched apps, open browser tabs, number of keyboard presses and mouse movements. The Employer can enable and disable each of the tracking parameters upon the Employee’s approval. The tracking itself is done via the EmployeeAgent application. Screenshot capture intervals are set individually for each employee. For example, you can set short intervals for new employees for better control and then gradually increase them up to maximum 1-2 screenshots an hour.

3.2. Project and Profile Creation

Your first step in TimeVizor is creating a project. To do this, open the main navigation menu (upper right corner) by clicking on your username and choose EmployerSettingsProjectsCreate.

First, name your project and assign employees to it. After a project is created, open Tracking profiles – you will see the base (default) profile in the beginning. Profiles allow you to quickly activate pre-defined tracking patterns for your employees tailored for specific projects, departments, or job descriptions. You can edit or delete any profile.

Click on Create or Delete to create or delete a profile respectively, or click on the gear icon and Update to edit the chosen profile.

3.3. Employee Creation

The next step after you created a profile is creating an employee. In the Employees section, click on Create, fill in the required fields, and click on Create once again in the bottom of the page. You can also create a new project for a new employee, if needed.

If the Employee works in the Worklog mode, you need to send him or her the license to get started. In the Monitoring mode, you do not have to do it. To send the license, open Employees and choose Send license from the drop-down menu accessible by the gear button. The license will be sent to the Employee’s e-mail address specified in their profile. Now your Employee can upload the license in EmployeeAgent on their PC and get to work immediately.

Important! If, working under Worklog, you decide to move some employee to another department, you have to generate a new license for them. Also note that you need to generate a new license if an employee is deleted and another one with the same name is created in his place. In the case of two employees with identical names (which is technically feasible though unwelcome), each one needs their own license.

3.4. Professions and Violations

TimeVizor allows the Employer to get notified in real time when any Employee opens a restricted app or website, whether it is a game, social media or anything else. You will get notified immediately after the violation and in the daily violation summary across all Employees. You can enable or disable both types of notifications in the settings.

To set up notifications, you need to assign a profession to your Employee to describe their activity. You can choose a profession from a predefined list or create one from scratch.

To manage professions, go to EmployerSettingsProfessions. You can create and edit a new profession here. System (default) professions are not editable, but they can be assigned to your employees.

Now edit “links” by defining productive, non-productive, and neutral apps and sites:

  • Productive – The time your Employee worked in the app/site will be displayed as productive. Employer can see how much time employees worked with such apps.
  • Non-productive – Opening this app/site generates a violation report. In essence, these apps are blacklisted.
  • Neutral – This app/site is not considered productive, but it does not generate a violation either.

If the link creation page does not have an app or site you need, you need to create one in the settings: Sites or Applications accordingly. After you have created a new app/site, do not forget to set its status at the Professions page.

Example. We want to prohibit the site facebook.com for employee Steven. He is a programmer. Open Sites and create the site www.facebook.com. Now open Professions, choose the profession “Programmer”, add a link with this site by clicking on Add and set it as “Non-productive.” Open Steven’s profile and verify that he is assigned the profession “Programmer”. This is all. Now every time Steven opens Facebook, you will get a violation notification.

For your convenience, there are three predefined professions “Developer,” “Accountant,” and “Designer” with a lot of apps and sites with typical statuses for these professions.

3.5. Setting Up Reports

TimeVizor allows for a flexible adjustment of employees’ work reports. Since all employees have their own tracking levels, only the data you require is viewable to you in the reports. To achieve this, create the Employee profile on the tab with the same name in the project settings section of your personal office. You should also select reports generation parameters such as: weekly work hours limit, Employee name, whether to take webcam shots and desktop screenshots, and work routine logging.

The Employer can create multiple employee profiles with different tracking levels. By adding more employees to your project, you can quickly set a required level by choosing a corresponding profile.

All selected settings in the Employee profile are viewable in the reports. Please check your computer settings to make sure the reports are correctly displayed: the code page language in the application panel should match the current language of the programs not supporting Unicode. If the Employee uses the English language, they should have “English” in both places for correct reports upload.

3.6. Report Data

TimeVizor stores on its servers the data received from EmployeeAgent: screenshots, camera shots, launched apps, and sites addresses. All data is stored until expired. This data is used to count overall work time viewable by the Employer in reports. The computer sleep time and records unverified by the app are not taken into account.

The session is a continuous period of time beginning at the start of tracking and ending at its termination due to any reason. Within this period of time, the application is gathering data on the Employee’s work. The end of the session is the time of the last record received by the server.

4. Employee's User Guide

Employees have their own advantages from using TimeVizor. The main one is firm evidence of the work time spent down to hours and minutes, as well as integrity of the Employee and their value to the team. Employees can assess their own productivity and secure themselves from malevolent employers. TimeVizor as a service acts as an impartial arbiter in labor disputes which benefits both the Employer and the Employee who want to work in an honest and civilized manner. TimeVizor can even help a worker boost their self-discipline and advance the career ladder quicker.

4.1. Beginning Work

To begin working, the Employee must sign up on timevizor.com and set the role Employee. Then they must obtain the license for the project from the Employer. The license stores all tracking settings and is required to properly register work time and display it in the Employer’s reports.

TimeVizor is not a platform for job seekers. It does not allow for finding contractors or clients, offer payment services, or provide financial guarantees to anybody. TimeVizor is a service to track the already hired employees that the Employer has contacted elsewhere. As the Employee, you have to separately negotiate and set up with your Employer a working channel for communication and getting paid.

4.2. Downloading App

The work time tracking is performed by means of the application EmployeeAgent included into the package TimeTracker. So, your first step as the Employee is to download TimeTracker.

Go to ServiceApplication. You will see a list of versions of TimeTracker for different operating systems and configurations. Select the required option and download and launch the installation file to install the app.

To start working, you need to obtain the license from your Employer via e-mail. This is a simple .gz file that you have to upload into EmployeeAgent. Now you can start tracking. As you work, your Employer will see reports on your progress in their personal account on the website.

If you want to add or change your license in EmployeeAgent under the Monitoring mode without re-installing program, you need to obtain a new license and put it in the following folder after removing all the previous licenses from it:

  • Windows:
  • Linux/Mac:
    <HOME_DIR>/TimeVizor/TimeTracker/licenses (where HOME_DIR is your home folder)

4.3. Viewing Reports

Not only the Employer can view reports on the work of their employees, but also any Employee can view reports on their own work. To do this, all you need as the Employee is just sign up on the site timevizor.com. This is not obligatory, but it allows you to view your own data registered by the application. You can find all your screenshots and the time worked on each project in EmployeeJobsReports. This transparent tracking system is convenient for both parties.

5. Payment

You start working in TimeVizor by choosing the distribution method (Cloud or In-house) and purchasing a license. This section describes the payment for the Cloud method that works via the site timevizor.com only.

Important! The In-house distribution works under terms of an agreement between you and TimeVizor. You cannot manage licenses on the website in this case.

5.1. Purchasing License

In order for a license generated for your Employee to work, it should be purchased. To do this, open ServicePricing and click on Buy. If you have not signed up/in on timevizor.com yet, clicking on this button will let you sign up or in, and then you will return to the checkout page. Click Pay on the invoice you receive. You can also view the list of invoices you already paid.

In case of insufficient funds on your balance, you will be redirected to your personal account to finalize the payment. In case of successful payment your funds will be transferred from your e-wallet into your TimeVizor inner balance. If the funds are enough and the license is available for purchase, it is immediately purchased. If any issues arise in the process, your inner balance will get refunded within an hour.

Important! TimeVizor receives payment only via PayPal at the moment. We recommend that you make sure you have a PayPal account with sufficient funds on it.

To change the existing license, to go ServicePricing and click on Buy. Confirm your payment data (inner balance withdrawal amount, amount to pay via payment system, total amount), and you will be able to change the license period and pay on the invoice. The changes come into effect the next day after payment. In case of successful payment you will see a notification about the license update.

5.2. Updating License

5 days before your license expires, you will receive an e-mail reminder to update it. If you pay for a new license within this period, your license will work in the previous mode. In case of failure to pay within 5 days, you will be given one extra day. After this day expires, your license stops working and new reports cannot be submitted. However, all the data gathered previously will be available to you in your personal office until they expire.

To update your license, go to the checkout page using the link in the reminder you received to view all the details of your license. You can change your license period here. After you approve all details, click Buy to view detailed information about your license, and then click Pay. You will be taken to the list of all paid invoices. After you successfully pay to extend your license period, you will be notified.

5.3. Cancelling License

Open AccountBillingMy payments. To do this, just click Cancel against the current license. When the changes take effect, your personal balance will be refunded.

6. References

Various helpful resources on TimeVizor are gathered here to help you solve issues you might face. We have thoroughly studied the questions our users often ask and tried to answer them as completely as possible. Before you contact our support, we kindly ask you to check the following website sections first.

6.1. Glossary of Terms and Definitions

It is good to get familiarized with main terms used in the system to work effectively. This is why we created the Dictionary.

6.2. Forum

Ask questions, talk to the developers or other users, or share your idea or feedback on our Forum.

6.3. Blog

Reliable employee control, helpful experiences, interesting new features, freelance world news, tips and tricks are among the topics we regularly cover in our official Blog.

6.4. FAQ

Check our FAQs – the list of frequently asked answers and questions that our users ask most often. Your question can also be there.

6.5. Troubleshooting

If you face any issues, please first read the basic information about the system in the section Service. If this information is not enough, check the Frequently Asked Questions. Finally, if nothing helps, please feel free to contact our User Support. We are always here to help!

6.6. Bug Reporting

Please describe in detail your actions that resulted in the error and how we can reproduce it. What did you expect, but what was the actual outcome? The more information you provide, the sooner we can solve the issue. In particular, include in your report:

  1. Your Operating System (name, full version).
  2. The browser you used (name, full version).
  3. Address (URL) of the page with the issue.
  4. Any other comments.

7. Security

Complete security and data safety is the cornerstone of everything we do. We spend time and effort to ensure our users never worry about their data, reports, screenshots, and other records generated by the system. We well understand the screenshots may contain sensitive information that should not be leaked. This is why all data is transmitted using secure protocols with full data encryption. Even the developers cannot decode the information that the Employer receives from employees.

To learn more about our security technologies and standards please read ServiceSecurity.

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