Payments in TimeVizor

In “Service” chapter you need to go to “Pricing” inset and choose a working plan, which fits to your requirements. Press “Buy” button and a “Shopping cart” page will appear. Here you may change main points of an order, increase months quantity. If you are not registered on the site or haven't signed in, than you will be addressed to entry page, where you may register or enter your account. After that you will be addressed to previous page. In the “Shopping cart” you need to confirm your order and confirm the bill with total payment sum. Press “Pay” button and a bill page and success message will appear.

In case you don't have enough money in TimeVizor account, you will be addressed to your payment system page, where you can make a payment. Plan will be activated during some time. Money will go from the payment system to the balance of payments and reserved for the purchase. If you have enough money and the plan is available for the purchase, then the system charges the money. If any problems appear, the system will return money to your account during an hour.

Remember, that nowadays in TimeVizor only PayPal payments are accepted. So, you should have an account in this payment system.

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