How to create a project in TimeVizor

Real work start in TimeVizor is project creation. First of all you need to go to “Settings” chapter in your account. Than you need to choose “Projects” inset and press “Create” button.

Give a name to your project, and choose resources for its realization. After you create a project, you need to go to “Resources” chapter in your account and create a resource profile. You may set different monitoring levels for your resources. Set all needed fields and press “Create” button.

After resource profile and project creation, the next step – resource creation and project license sending off. An employer may just send it through e-mail. Go to the “Resources” chapter and press the “Create” button. You need to choose between computer and employee. You will need to point out an employee's e-mail. After this, you will need to send a license. Press “Send license” button, located next to your resource's name. An employee needs to download the license to the EmployeeAgent application, which was already downloaded. Thanks to this license all the operations reports about working time would be formed.

In case of computer activity monitoring you just need to download the license while TimeTracker installation. Every switching on and all computer's working time and activity would be in your operation reports. You can not add more resources, than agents' amount in chosen working plan.

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