Reports' settings in TimeVizor

In TimeVizor system you have an opportunity to edit your operation reports. You may set certain monitoring level for every resource and see only important data. For this you need to create resource profile in “Settings” chapter, where you should choose “Resource profile” in “Projects” inset. Here you should set parameters for resource monitoring: working time limit, put resource name into certain field, set whether you need to receive screenshots and snapshots or not, set shots period.

You have an opportunity to create several resource profiles, and to set for each one certain monitoring level. While adding new resources to the project, you may set a certain profile.

All settings would be reflected in operation reports. For the proper reports representation, you need to check out your computer settings. Coding page language in the application and current language for programs without Unicode should be the same. Meaning that if the employee uses the Russian language, then for proper reports displaying everywhere should be set “Russian” language.

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