TimeVizor Documentation

1. What is TimeVizor?

TimeVizor is time counting service, designed for employees and employers' comfort work. With this site and additional application you can monitor computer and employee's activity.

Employer needs time accounting to manage his employees and provide appropriate payment. Thus, TimeVizor is the first helper for every manager.

Every user may create a project and resource profile, you may choose whether to be an employee or employer, or even unite these roles. For start you need just to sign up in the system.

2. TimeVizor opens new opportunities for the user

TimeVizor project is designed for time counting. Main directions suggested by the service:

  • Remote computer activity monitoring;
  • Employee monitoring.

For employee and computer working time adequate valuation you may receive snapshots, clicks counting, visited sites list. In aggregate all these tools may help to analyze employee or computer activity. As a result, employer can make a decision about resources efficiency and correct the working plan. In this chapter you may read about all possibilities for user in TimeVizor system.

2.1. Activity monitoring in TimeVizor

Internet activity monitoring – is a list of all visited sites and opened apps while working time, counted by the application. Employer may see the list of all opened windows and current work. Therefore, screenshots and snapshots are made. All these tools may be edited personally, depending on employer's requirements to certain employee.

2.2. Operation reports in TimeVizor

One of the main employer's tools for efficiency analysis – operation reports. With its help you may see fool information about employee's activity, visited sites history and view his working screenshots.

Operation report is a qualities list of employee's working time. If an employee work with the application properly than all his activity would be mentioned in report. Besides, employer may see actual efficiency of employee through the reports. TimeVizor system gives an opportunity to make comprehensive analysis – through the screenshots, visited sites list, snapshots, opened windows list.

All fixed work by an application would be set in operations reports. Monitoring starts after employee press “Start” button. And employer has an opportunity to edit reports through different settings. He may set snapshots intervals, whether it is necessary or not to count clicks, and to fix all visited sites or not.

3. Employer in TimeVizor

TimeVizor working time monitoring system is designed, first of all, to improve and make employer's work easier. Efficient employee's and computer activity monitoring will help an employer to understand whether his tasks are carry out. In this documentation chapter you will find a list of TimeVizor's advantages fo employer.

3.1. Employee monitoring in TimeVizor

The main TimeVizor task is to monitor working resource activity. It may be computer or employee. Employer has an opportunity to see not only counted working time, but to see snapshots and view actual working process.

App operation is built on time counting and making screenshots. If its necessary you may add snapshots. In operations reports all the activity would be available.

Shots intervals are set by employer. For new resources you may set short periods, and for reliable resources you may set maximal periods.

3.2. Computer activity monitoring

Employer may need remote computer activity monitoring to see working activity pattern in remote access conditions. When it's not possible to see the work by yourself, TimeVizor would totally help you!

After you download an application on certain computer, you need to edit settings and than you may monitor the work on this computer. All information, including screenshots and visited sites list would be available in operation reports.

The system supports multi-monitor handling and allows to monitor several monitors, connected to the one remote computer.

3.3. How to create a project in TimeVizor

Real work start in TimeVizor is project creation. First of all you need to go to “Settings” chapter in your account. Than you need to choose “Projects” inset and press “Create” button.

Give a name to your project, and choose resources for its realization. After you create a project, you need to go to “Resources” chapter in your account and create a resource profile. You may set different monitoring levels for your resources. Set all needed fields and press “Create” button.

After resource profile and project creation, the next step – resource creation and project license sending off. An employer may just send it through e-mail. Go to the “Resources” chapter and press the “Create” button. You need to choose between computer and employee. You will need to point out an employee's e-mail. After this, you will need to send a license. Press “Send license” button, located next to your resource's name. An employee needs to download the license to the EmployeeAgent application, which was already downloaded. Thanks to this license all the operations reports about working time would be formed.

In case of computer activity monitoring you just need to download the license while TimeTracker installation. Every switching on and all computer's working time and activity would be in your operation reports. You can not add more resources, than agents' amount in chosen working plan.

3.4. Reports' settings in TimeVizor

In TimeVizor system you have an opportunity to edit your operation reports. You may set certain monitoring level for every resource and see only important data. For this you need to create resource profile in “Settings” chapter, where you should choose “Resource profile” in “Projects” inset. Here you should set parameters for resource monitoring: working time limit, put resource name into certain field, set whether you need to receive screenshots and snapshots or not, set shots period.

You have an opportunity to create several resource profiles, and to set for each one certain monitoring level. While adding new resources to the project, you may set a certain profile.

All settings would be reflected in operation reports. For the proper reports representation, you need to check out your computer settings. Coding page language in the application and current language for programs without Unicode should be the same. Meaning that if the employee uses the Russian language, then for proper reports displaying everywhere should be set “Russian” language.

3.5. Resource profile in TimeVizor

The Resource profile term means certain category for monitoring in TimeVizor system. It may be a computer or an employee, which would take part in the project. In Resource profile user may edit settings which would be reflected in operation reports. An application will monitor resource activity by these settings. By creating resource profile user may monitor and set monitoring level more efficiently.

To create resource profile go to “Projects” chapter in your account. Than go to “Settings” and choose “Resource profile” inset. Push “Create” button and fulfill all needed fields. After that just confirm profile creation.

3.6. License

You need to send a license to your resource before he can start working on your project. Without the license he couldn't complete the task. He needs to download the license file into the EmployeeAgent application. This license will contain all information about the user and the project needed for operation reports. When start working employee should press “Start” button and all his activity will be fixed in TimeVizor system. Remember, that each resource is created for a certain project, thus, you need just to put an email address of your employee and send the license.

3.7. Application records

TimeVizor system collects all TimeTracker data: screenshots, snapshots, applications, sites. The storage period of this information is defined by user's subscription plan. At the end of this period, all data is deleted.

Remote monitoring application logs data while a remote resource is working. According to these records, the system will count the total working time. Correct records are all going to the operation reports. But sleeping time and not approved records won't be added to the total working time.

The session is continuous working period. It starts when the monitoring is began and ends when the work is stopped. During this period, time tracking application collects all data needed for reports. Session ends with the last record accepted by the server.

4. Employee in TimeVizor

There are many opportunities for employee in TimeVizor system. Your employer may see all work done, and analyze your efficiency for his team based on these facts.

You may follow and maximize your productivity, and therefore you will be ensured from dishonorable employer. You will have all proofs of every worked minute, which was monitored by the app. You will improve yourself and increase your discipline in working process. You will make the next step in your career and all surrounding people will note your high professional level. As a result, you will have competitive advantage.

4.1. How to start working with TimeVizor

To start work, first of all, you need to sign up in TimeVizor site and select a role. After that an employer will send you a license and you may start to count time. Pay attention that there is no job placement in TimeVizor and we don't give any guaranties about the payment. We have just monitoring system which may help to see employee's working activity, but all parts are met afield TimeVizor. You need to have a communication channel, and employer will send you working license with all information, needed for work. Your working activity in the project will start when you download license file into EmployeeAgent application and press “Start” button. After that employer will see all your work in operation reports.

4.2. Time tracking software download

The EmployeeAgent application is designed for every employee's working time counting. Without this app no work will start, so pay attention to this step.

Go to “Application” inset in “Service” chapter in TimeVizor site. Here you will see different application versions list. You need to choose a program, which fits to your computer configuration and download it. After that just install an application and download a license. Now you may start work!

4.3. Operation reports for employee in TimeVizor

You may see all data, collected by the application. All screenshots and working time are available for you in “Reports” chapter of the “Work” inset in your account. This transparent system of monitoring is comfortable for each part in system.

4.4. How to quit the project in TimeVizor

To quit a project, you should delete yourself from the employer's project. In your Account find the “Job” chapter and go to the “Project” section. In the table choose the project you want to quit. In “Actions” column press the “Terminate” button. From that moment, your activity monitoring will be stopped. Your employer will receive a quit notification.

5. Order the service in TimeVizor

The work in TimeVizor system starts from service order. Employer needs to choose a plan to monitor his resources and start working. In this chapter you will find full information about system order and resource monitoring in TimeVizor.

5.1. How to choose the plan in TimeVizor

To start work in TimeVizor system, you need to choose working plan. You may order your resources monitoring and see its efficiency in operation reports.

Working plan choice is very important step, influent for all further work in TimeVizor. To review a list of plans and make and order go to “Service” chapter from home page of the site. Choose “Pricing” inset and look through the list of all available plans with descriptions and prices.

To compare two plans go to “Compare plans” inset of the “Service” chapter.

5.2. Payments in TimeVizor

In “Service” chapter you need to go to “Pricing” inset and choose a working plan, which fits to your requirements. Press “Buy” button and a “Shopping cart” page will appear. Here you may change main points of an order, increase months quantity. If you are not registered on the site or haven't signed in, than you will be addressed to entry page, where you may register or enter your account. After that you will be addressed to previous page. In the “Shopping cart” you need to confirm your order and confirm the bill with total payment sum. Press “Pay” button and a bill page and success message will appear.

In case you don't have enough money in TimeVizor account, you will be addressed to your payment system page, where you can make a payment. Plan will be activated during some time. Money will go from the payment system to the balance of payments and reserved for the purchase. If you have enough money and the plan is available for the purchase, then the system charges the money. If any problems appear, the system will return money to your account during an hour.

Remember, that nowadays in TimeVizor only PayPal payments are accepted. So, you should have an account in this payment system.

5.3. Service extension in TimeVizor

In five days before expiration date of your working plan, you will receive a message about its prolongation. If you pay for extension in time, than your working plan will be available in previous conditions. If you don't pay in five days term, you will receive one more additional day to do it. After the term is over, plan wouldn't work, new reports wouldn't be accepted. All the data, collected before will be available in your account in plan said term.

So, to prolong your current plan you need to go to “Shopping cart” page through the link at the expiration letter or in notification. Here you may see all order details and plan information. On this page user has an opportunity to edit months quantity. Make a choice and confirm your order through “Buy” button. Go to bill page and press “Pay” button. After that you will see payed bills page and success message. In case you don't have enough money in TimeVizor account, you will be addressed to your payment system page, where you can make a payment. Plan will be activated during some time.

5.4. Working plan change in TimeVizor

In TimeVizor site menu, in “Service” chapter, you may see a list of all available plans in “Pricing” page. Your current plan wouldn't be available. When you learn all options and analyse descriptions of working plans, make a choice and push “Buy” button. In a second you will see all the information about this transaction: actual sum, payment sum, total sum. After pressing “Buy” button, a “Shopping cart” page will appear and you may change months quantity. Confirm your choice and see the bill.

By pressing “Pay” button you'll confirm a purchase. If you have enough money in your account, plan change become available next day. In case you don't have enough money in TimeVizor account, you will be addressed to your payment system page, where you can make a payment. Plan will be activated during some time.

5.5. Plan cancellation in TimeVizor

You may cancel you working plan at “My plans” page in “Billing” inset of the “Account” chapter. You just need to press “Cancel” button near your current plan. When changes would be accepted by the system, money for plan will be returned to your account.

5.6. Refund in TimeVizor

If you want to return your money from TimeVizor account to payment system, you need to go «Billing” inset in your account and find payed bills page. You will find here “Refund” button, by pressing it you may initiate a refund. Special ticket will be created, where you need to set an acceptable way for getting money back. If you choose a payment system, after financial department acceptance refund is confirmed. A write-off certificate from TimeVizor account to your payment system will be created.

Attention! All fees in this transactions are payed by user.

Note, that nowadays TimeVizor works only with PayPal payment system. We apologize for all delivered inconveniences.

5.7. Service failure in TimeVizor

More than 5 days of system shutdown owing to TimeVizor technical problems, would be refunded to you account. In that case special ticket is created and Support will confirm days amount, when service wasn't available. Refund would be initiated. You will receive a refund for shutdown and all nonworking days. If failure appeared at the border of two recording periods, working certificates would be recounted in each one of them.

6. Helpful information to use the TimeVizor

In this chapter you will find a list of useful resources with all information needed for problem solving. We have learned our user's behavioral models and tried to answer all possible questions. So, please look through the information before apply to Support.

6.1. TimeVizor terms

To start efficient work in TimeVizor, every user should know main terms and characteristics. You can look through them all in our Glossary

6.2. Blog and forum of TimeVizor

Work in TimeVizor system is interesting and various. Our blog and forum – just another confirmation of this fact. Here you may learn all about service and application and understand its main features for your profitable job. Blog

And if you want to communicate more with like-minded people, share secrets of work, you should go to our Forum.

6.3. Metanavigation in TimeVizor

At the top of TimeVizor site you will see a line with all needed buttons. By pressing these icons you may have a fast access to important chapters. At the left side of metanavigation panel you will see a message about your location. At the right side – entrance buttons. “Sign up” button will send you to registration page, “Sign in” button will follow you to entrance page, where you need to enter your login and password. If you had already entered the site than at the metanavigation panel one more button will appear - “My TimeVizor”. This button may help to access user's account fast.

Then on this panel there is a “Message” button, it looks like a letter or envelope. If you have new messages you will see it in this section. An exclamation mark button is “Notifications” icon. All your notifications are shown here. A question-mark icon is the “Help” button. By pressing this button you will go to our help center. The last buttons are language and currency switches. You may change current site language by pressing these buttons.

6.4. TimeVizor support

While working plenty of questions may appear. To answer them you may look through our FAQ, also read Service chapter. And if you haven't found an answer to your question, than go to Support. Happy working!

6.5. Data security in TimeVizor

Many users of TimeVizor system may think about security. Application is collecting screenshots and personal working data. So, whether is it secure to keep data there? Wouldn't it be available for third person?

You should totally be sure in your projects and data security. Data exchange goes through secure protocol, and all information is encoded. Our servers are checked up by anti-virus programs regularly, thus no information from us may damage your computer.

All screenshots are depersonalized and all secret codes, passwords and any secret information wouldn't be available for any third person. With an employer acceptance, employee may depersonalize certain screenshot. Encoding is non reversible in this case, and no one could compare secret data. Nor employee, neither employer or TimeVizor developers will see starting picture. Read more in Security chapter.

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